Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Something Old...Something New...

If you're like us you've been handed down furniture since your college years. And there's really no reason to turn good furniture down even if it is ugly as hell isn't so pretty. My motto: never turn down free....anything. So, of course, my house has become a hodge podge of peices that work functionally but really aren't asthetically pleasing to my eye.

Recently I redid a table given to me by my mother-in-law. The table was in great condition but I have a major aversion to the honey oak color that it was (everything, and I mean everything, in my house seems to start out this color) . So, I painted it.

Here's the before:

Not so pretty huh? After some sanding, a few coats of ultra white glossy and it's much better:
Better? I thought so.

Friday, September 4, 2009

You can buy my a reasonable cost.

I fell in love with this lamp when I went to Ikea with my husband a few weeks ago.

Of course, cheap frugal as I am, I said no thank you to the love affair I envisioned for it and my home when I saw the price tag of 59.99.
But my dreams came to fruition when I went back in yesterday and saw it in the AS IS section marked down to....wait for it... 9.99.
Score. Not a dent on it, and in perfect working order.
I *heart* good deals.

Like a Virgin...

...blogging for the very first time! I'm always at least 5 years behind on everything so it makes sense that I've only just begun to blog.  Call me a voyeur, but I love reading people's blogs - it never crossed my mind to make my own. But, with all the DIY projects I've been handling, I figured I should put pen to pad (or fingers to keyboard, in this case) to document my projects for posterity.

Now, without further adieu: on with the show.

Okay, so, the beginning is a bit anti-climatic. (Similar to the ending of Harry Potter the Half Blood Prince, right?) Come on, you know you agree with me. I was totally waiting for something that just made me say zomg.that.was.awesome.
I'm still waiting (and cue 10 million Harry Potter fans blacklisting my blog right now.) okay, I'll be honest, 10 million people are not reading my blog right now. 1 person (probably my mom) is reading this blog. Hey mom. love you.

In any event, I'll try and keep my posts interesting.