Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring desires...

As if I need another reason to spend money...a few things I've been really wanting:

1) Rain boots. There are such cute rain boots out there and I've really been jonesing for some this season. After all, Florida does get a lot of rain and the idea of having some of those fun patterned adorable wellies (as the Brits call them) is just hard to resist. The two I'm really wanting:

These by Chinese Laundry

These adorable polka dot ones by Chooka.

2) Flirty Spring dress. I'm obsessed with dresses. Forget the fact that I have 10-15 dresses that I hardly ever wear because if I'm not at work (uniform required), I'm at home- cleaning, working on a project, etc- and those things just don't require dresses. Still, I'm completely in love with dresses. I find them all the time and want to buy tons and tons and tons of them. Even though I have 2 hanging in my closet right.this.minute-which have never, ever been worn. I just don't go many places that require dresses.

But, forget practical! On to dreaming:
I want something feminine and flirty and high in my mind are these two which are from Anthropologie, and, unfortunately,  major deniro (oh, wait! that's the actor) I mean, dinero:

Not sure which I prefer but they are both 100.00- soooo...more than I want to spend. But they're so pretty and dreamy- romantic looking. *sigh*

3)Romantic blouses. I've always been a fan of ruffles, polka dots, capped sleeves--basically anything that looks romantic. I've scouted out a few shirts- and I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy one I found at the mall a few weeks ago. I haven't gone back yet to see if it's still there but I don't have much hope that it will be (little boutique store). It was only 25.00 too. :(

Here are a few I like from Anthro (***pink puffy heart Anthro***) but are expensive as everything is there:

4)White sandals. I'm in desperate need of a nice pair of white sandals for the summer. I just can't decide if I want actual flip-flop, sandal, or flat shoe:
These are, easy, comfortable.

So are these:
 (hey, I'm cheap ---and definitely not a shoe snob---so sue me that I like cheap shoes!)

These are from Target, also cheap, and cute:

Okay, I've daydreamed enough and spent plenty of my fake money.So, I must stop thinking about it before I spend my REAL money.
Peace out.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You might be a DIY junkie if....

This was too cute- I had to post. It's sooo true. I found it on (a decorating board I frequent often):

You might be a DIY junkie if...

§ You think you might as well have your paycheck deposited at Home Depot or Lowes

§ You know what it means when someone says they have spray paint finger

§ You have a closet dedicated to your stash – fabric, scrapbook paper, tiles, paint, mod podge

§ You think tools are a fabulous gift to receive

§ You’re bored so you paint something

§ You never do a project without taking photos (and then blogging them)

§ Your idea of a hot date is strolling the aisles of Home Depot while holding hands with the one you love while the kids are with a sitter

§ You have 5 projects going at the same time

§ Your kids learn to use tools before they can talk


Since getting my new little coffee table and end table (I'll show that later) I have been attempting to brighten up and decorate my loft. Understand that the loft is really my 10 year old daughter's play room. So, of course, it's always a disaster. Because of this, I've neglected it as far as "decorating" goes.

But with the mother-in-law coming into town I knew I needed to whip it into shape quickly. She's like, Martha Stewart incarnate, so it was a little intimidating to have her at my house for the first time.  I wanted everything to look as best as it could. Which meant working on the loft. Clean up was crucial but I had to do something to the blank wall there too, which had been neglected since the beginning of our move some 4 years ago.

I already had the inspiration. I just needed to get off my behind and make. it. happen. (the mantra of procrastinators)

First, remember this mirror I got from my Good friend Will?

The mirror is actually shown upside down--which I preferred much better than the other way. So, that's the way I hung it. I spray painted it white and hung it within a big frame that I'd also painted white.

Already this was looking much better.Forget the fact that I want to paint the loft which would make it look tons better--I had to work with what I had.
So, I pulled out these dollar "art" pieces that I had gotten some time ago hoping to use them somewhere. I just thought they were so cute and for a buck? yes, please.

They had a ribbon up top for hanging and were very light, which was nice, but they didn't look too substantial.I decided to add this pretty scrapbook paper I had to make it look bigger:

Aren't the scalloped edges soooo pretty?
All I did was center the art on the scrapbook paper- held together with tape. Since it's so light weight taping it was no problem.

And hung on either side of the framed mirror:

It looks sooo much better than that ugly blank wall. It even makes the color of the wall look better (if I ignore all the dings, scratch marks and scuffs kids have left on it). Which is great since it will probably be for-evuh before I can paint the loft.

This was a fairly inexpensive project since it took sooo long before I did anything to the wall and I acquired all the pieces little by little.
Mirror-5.00 (spray paint I already had)
Frame-5.00 since it was broken (spray painted it)
Art pieces-1.00 each
Scrap book paper-1.00 each? not sure here--I've had it awhile.
Total for wall: 14.00 approx

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coffee Table Before/After...

Remember this lovely fellow?

I found him at a thrift store a few weeks ago for only 10.00 because someone had a little accident:
Of course, that didn't bother me because I knew a some sand paper and paint would make it all better. And it did. No longer does this coffee table have to hang it's head in shame. No, it can now proudly hold drinks, magazines and remote controls. It is utterly adorable. I love it.

And guess what? I didn't paint it white. See:

Here's a better pic:

And the boo-boo on top is non-existent now:
Just peachy! And I know, you're thinking-"uhhhh...he-llooooo... isn't that white?" But nooo my little un-believers, it is not.
It's actually called polished pewter by Glidden and it's a lovely light ice blue. I know it's difficult to see in the pics so to prove my point I had to slide it over to a piece that actually is white to show you lovelies:
See? I would never lie to you! It's not white! I can't believe you ever doubted me sillies! Oh, and as you can see I distressed it a little as well. I like how the dark looks with that light ice blue (not white) on top:

The great thing is that this only cost me the 10.00 for the table. I had the paint (free) already and sanding it down was a breeze.
What do you think? Keeper?