Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Since getting my new little coffee table and end table (I'll show that later) I have been attempting to brighten up and decorate my loft. Understand that the loft is really my 10 year old daughter's play room. So, of course, it's always a disaster. Because of this, I've neglected it as far as "decorating" goes.

But with the mother-in-law coming into town I knew I needed to whip it into shape quickly. She's like, Martha Stewart incarnate, so it was a little intimidating to have her at my house for the first time.  I wanted everything to look as best as it could. Which meant working on the loft. Clean up was crucial but I had to do something to the blank wall there too, which had been neglected since the beginning of our move some 4 years ago.

I already had the inspiration. I just needed to get off my behind and make. it. happen. (the mantra of procrastinators)

First, remember this mirror I got from my Good friend Will?

The mirror is actually shown upside down--which I preferred much better than the other way. So, that's the way I hung it. I spray painted it white and hung it within a big frame that I'd also painted white.

Already this was looking much better.Forget the fact that I want to paint the loft which would make it look tons better--I had to work with what I had.
So, I pulled out these dollar "art" pieces that I had gotten some time ago hoping to use them somewhere. I just thought they were so cute and for a buck? yes, please.

They had a ribbon up top for hanging and were very light, which was nice, but they didn't look too substantial.I decided to add this pretty scrapbook paper I had to make it look bigger:

Aren't the scalloped edges soooo pretty?
All I did was center the art on the scrapbook paper- held together with tape. Since it's so light weight taping it was no problem.

And hung on either side of the framed mirror:

It looks sooo much better than that ugly blank wall. It even makes the color of the wall look better (if I ignore all the dings, scratch marks and scuffs kids have left on it). Which is great since it will probably be for-evuh before I can paint the loft.

This was a fairly inexpensive project since it took sooo long before I did anything to the wall and I acquired all the pieces little by little.
Mirror-5.00 (spray paint I already had)
Frame-5.00 since it was broken (spray painted it)
Art pieces-1.00 each
Scrap book paper-1.00 each? not sure here--I've had it awhile.
Total for wall: 14.00 approx

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  1. What a great way to fix up a wall! I love the outcome. I too am in the process of trying to fill some blank walls, which means lots of thrifting!