Thursday, December 16, 2010

Love of a Good Man

Just to give you an's reason 5,281 of why I love my husband so much-

This is how our kitchen looked last night after I got done making cupcakes for my work Christmas party.

It was 10:00 pm, I was exhausted, and I had to get up for work the next morning at 530am.

Note: For most normal people 10:00 - 5:30 is great sleep. I know, you're saying to yourself, "Gee, that's like, almost 8 hours of sleep. That's a good amount of time!" But, when I actually settled in for my long winter's nap crappy sleep schedule it was more like 11-11:30 so I was really working off of 6 hours (now you're saying, "Still! 6 hours is more than enough time to recoup"). But no, no, no. This is not so for me.
See, I think in my previous seven eight nine lives I was a cat. And, being just like a cat still, I need a minimum of 9 hours sleep to feel good (I joke that I would sleep 18 out of 24 hours if I could). Otherwise I'm a complete bear. So, this 6 hours was pushing it.
Anyhow...I digress.

Back to reason 5,281. I left our kitchen when I went to bed. And my husband didn't bat an eye at the daunting task of having to clean up my mess the next day (his day off). Ain't he the sweetest man ever? I mean, come on, we're talking gold here people. Nothing is hotter than me being able to make a mess and leave it for a man to clean up. Awesomesauce.

Yeah. He's pretty great.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Weather forecast--it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Here's what I saw on the weather today:
Just look at the low tonight! 30 degrees! Wow. Below freezing in Florida. Hip-hip-hooray! It's definitely beginning to feel more like Christmas and I wanted to show you my Christmas decorations. I've been rather blah about them lately because I've been working so much and I haven't found the energy nor excitement to put up all my decorations.

Still, I had to put up some decorations or my poor daughter would suffer the terrible feeling of having a grinch for a mother:

We at least put up the outside lights and the tree. I have tons of other christmas items, garland, wreaths, etc to go on my staircase and around the house but I just haven't been "feeling it". Anyhow.

Here are the lights outside. Just ignore the fact that the garland around the front door has only 1/4 of the lights working. That's how lazy I've been. I threw up that garland, plugged in the lights, and realized, "Oh, crap. They aren't working. I should fix it take it, hell, just leave it.". And it's been like that for 2 weeks now. No wreath on the door, half-lit garland- Grinch indeed.

The tree fared much better since my daughter put it up, my husband put on the lights, and all I did was supervise the hanging of ornaments (which my daughter and her friends hung).

Still, it's not half the decorations we could have ladled on.

One of my favorite things on our tree are the bubble lights:

You might not be able to see it but that's bubbling going on in there.When the light below warms the liquid in the tube they bubble. These lights are the one thing that really put me in the Christmas mood. My aunt had them on her tree (I think she still does) and they always seemed so magical to me as a child. I would stare at them because they were so pretty and bubbly and I was entranced.
So, when I grew up, that magical feeling never left and I had to have some myself. I think they were popular back in the 60's maybe? they aren't popular now so no one has them on their tree. Hopefully, when my daughter grows up she'll have the same feeling about these lights. Slightly sentimental and a nostalgia of childhood Christmases.

Of course, here in Florida, no tree would be complete without the Mickey ornament:

Sorry for the blurry pic.

Well, there it is- a little Christmas here in Florida. The weather is nice enough to play along. 30 degrees people! Woo-hoo!

Now if only I can figure out how to get it to snow here...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Sensitive Subject...(Pun Intended)

You know how people have bucket lists? Well, I don't have an official one but, like all people, I have some ideas of what I want to accomplish before I kick it. Some are bigger, some are small. About a week ago I got to cross one of those things off my list.

In this case, I've always been intrigued with the idea of a hairless cat (look for the hidden analogy here people). So, I went looking for one. The best are from Brazil (or so I've heard) *hint, hint* so that was my first inquiry when searching for information online.

First of all, let me tell you that I dislike avoid loathe pain at all costs. I know, I know, most everyone hates pain. But I'm a real pansy when it comes to anything that inflicts pain on myself. I mean, I'm not a thrill seeker, daredevil, or risktaker by any means of the imagination. I go to great lengths to avoid anything that makes me uncomfortable in any manner. The H and I joke that if given a choice between having my arm cut off or his I'd selfishly throw him under the bus. And he'd selflessly give his arm for me ( romantic in a totally sick and twisted way). But I digress. I just needed you to know how big a step this was in the most melodramatic way possible mmmmkay? That way, (though millions of people are hairless cat owners), my sacrifice and pain seem greater.

My point is, I've heard those Brazilian Hairless Cats (come on folks, follow me here!) sure sounded like they would really, really hurt. But I forged ahead with every thought of  "just once, I'll just get one and if I don't like it, well, never again!".

I read reviews online about it and the pain that would accompany a BHC (that's Brazilian Hairless Cat for those of you who haven't been following me thus far). Though it wasn't horrible (based on reviews) they all said to take some extra strength tylenol before undergoing the process so it wasn't exactly a picnic in the park either. I found a reputable location to obtain my BHC and made an appointment.

Before research, I really didn't know much about a BHC. I mean, I knew basically what it was but I didn't know know. Ya know? And did you know that when they say those cats are completely hairless, they mean, like, completely? The front and the behind. I mean, it is a hairless cat after all so it stands to reason that it would be completely bare but I guess I didn't realize...well. Anyhow.

Funnily enough when I polled friends and ladies at work (we're close like that -we can discuss such matters) they all said they'd never gotten a BHC before but all were curious about it and most said that, like me, it was something they'd always wanted to try. So, I became the spokesperson guinea pig for my small sect of friends in the ins and outs of obtaining a BHC. Which was funny because I thought I was like, the last woman on earth to have ever tried this-its so common to have a BHC now. Apparently not in my little world. You'd think this wouldn't be the case though considering how Florida has all the sun and beaches around here I just figured the BHC would be more common place. Perhaps it is and I just run with a different crowd. meh.

Anyhow... the long and short of it (no pun intended-haha!) is that it was slightly painful but not really that bad. Sure, there were definitely those moments when I winced and was like, "AH!Ow! shhhhiiiIIIIIIIII...." But I think, in the end (again, no pun intended), it wasn't that bad. Probably because it only took 30 minutes. I knew I could get through anything if it only lasted 30 minutes. I reported back to friends that there were no casualties in my obtaining the BHC and most likely I'll be keeping it.

Oh, and the husband? Surprised and loving the BHC.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Floridians and cold...

Just had to report in two stories I had while working just to show the magnitude of how idiotic Floridians can be when its "cold". Cold being all relative of course, because the high yesterday was approximately 55-58 degrees with lows teetering just above freezing.

Anyhow, yesterday there was a power outage across part of the city so, of course, we had many calls in reference to it (traffic lights were out as well as many buildings, etc). I received one call from a distressed gentleman who was inquiring as to when the power was going to be back on because he worked at a daycare, they had no heat, it was freezing and it wasn't good for the kids-he might have to start calling parents to pick up their children if it wasn't fixed soon because, hey, didn't he already say it was freezing in here with no heat?!

After swallowing my initial response listen you pansy ass bitch it's only 58 degrees outside which is well above freezing in most meterologist's esteem, I advised the gentleman that the electric company was working on the problem and unfortunately there was very little the police dept. could do until the issue was resolved. *eye roll*

The second incident (and more atrocious in my eyes) was from a young lady who was very very perplexed at the ice on her windshield when she awoke in the morning.

She didn't know what to do so she called the police department. Literally, the call went like this:

"Hi, I'm XXXX and I just got into my car and there's ice on my windshield and I don't know what to do."
"Okay, well you can get a scrapper to scrape the ice off the windshield or [here's a novel idea] turn on your heater."
"Yeah, I don't have a scrapper and I have the heater on but I need to leave for work, like, right now."
"Unfortunately, you'll just have to wait until the defroster starts to work. The police department doesn't assist in these matters."


Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Party...A Time to Dress

I love annual Christmas parties. Especially when it's for a big corporation like my husbands because it means we have the chance to dress up. These days, it's like no one likes dressing up anymore. Okay, okay, I admit that makes me sound like I'm a grumpy old spinster but really, to quote Clueless:

"So okay, I don't want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I don't get how guys dress today [actually this generation all together]. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair - ew - and cover it up with a backwards cap and, like, we're expected to swoon? I don't think so."
 So, yeah, I love dressing up. I love my husband dressed up. It's like its from a whole other era really, the idea of dressing nicely. People just don't know how to do it anymore. Dress up for women today is like, club wear, and men, well...a nice pair of jeans that have been washed within, like, the past week is what they consider "dress up".

Anyhow. So, we got to dress up and look here at my handsome husband in a suit:

Totally swoon worthy. *Le Sigh* I love a man in a suit. 

And here's one showing my purdy hair. I love curly ringlets. And rhinestones. You can never undersestimate how pretty you can feel with a little bling on. (dainty bling people, not gaudy excess!).

And one of us together.

I really love the holiday parties that allow dress up. It's so fun and can make me feel so pretty. It's especially great cuz I've had this red dress since summer but it's been too "nice" of a dress to wear just anywhere. So this was a good excuse to wear my red silk dress.