Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sweets for the Sweet

Okay, not really. Sweets for me (who's not so sweet but really more sour). If we're talking sweet I have to say that Luhvah takes the cupcake on that one. I'm more of an acquired taste (if you're into  bitchiness stubborn women who like to talk back and never shut up).

So, I worked a long day yesterday and didn't get home until 1115pm last night. Then had to be back to work today at 700am. Yeesh. And if you remember, I'm one of those people who needs their 9 10 14 hours of beauty sleep. So, the 6 hours I got wasn't really cuttin' it.

Cue my knight in shining armor on his white stallion (aka Luhvah in a polo and shorts pulling up in his compact car).To hand deliver me this at work:

Just a little summin' summin' to get me through my day. I mean, helloooo SUGGGGGARRRRRRRRR!

Aren't they so pretty too?

He gets big big BIG points for this one. Inventive and surprising plus CHOCOLATE it was a wonderful little gift that I will forever remember in my hips heart. He said he passed this cupcake shop while running errands on a side of town that we don't typically traverse and thought about stopping in. So, he went the extra mile and instead of getting one for him he got 4 for me! YAY!
Off to eat my lovely lil' cupcakes.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Whole New Year...2013

I've been pretty much MIA since November. On one hand, this makes perfect sense- the holidays are always hectic and it really makes it difficult to blog. On the other hand, it's when I decorate the most, as well as craft, so it seems like I would have more to post. I do (did) but I just couldn't be bothered with the actual posting so, of course, it fell by the wayside (it seems a moot point to post 50 pictures of Thanksgiving decor, then Christmas happenings after the new year doesn't it?).

So, we're just moving on to something else (pun intended) [you'll get the pun in a minute]. And that brings me to The Lettered Cottage (one of my favorite blogs). Layla talked about having a word of the year. She mentioned this about a week or two ago and I thought of what my word would be back then. Today she's having a linky party to celebrate words of the year and it reminded me of my word again.

 MOVE. {please refer to pun above}

Almost instantly it came to me so it had to be God - it was so quick. I'm never quick with deciding words- I have too many choices, too many words to play with that I love, so I would have pondered for awhile forever on the exact right word to fit me for 2013 and still be eloquent. If it had been me I'm sure it would have taken much longer to decide.

Move can mean so much. It's an action word (something the sloth in me hates). I know right now it means a lot to me because of this:
Since I'm training for a half marathon it's really meant to motivate me. Seeing her linky party reminded me of the word and it brings a whole new meaning to me today.

See, 2.5 weeks ago I hurt my foot. Something that I thought was a little thing has turned into a big thing and now I can't run at all right now. I went in last week for Xrays. I can't run a mile without pain shooting up my foot and I can't walk more than 2 miles without it starting to throb. (We're thinking stress fracture-which takes 6-8 weeks to recover). This is  very disheartening to me (which is the polite way to say it--really I've cried about it more than once and been a big baby all in all).

When I hurt my foot I was up to 10 miles. 10 MILES. I would never have believed that I could be capable of that before. My time was steadily at a 12min. mile. This may be slow for runners out there (average for real runners is 9min miles) but sheesh. The fact that I can keep it up for 10 miles is amazing to me.

See? Here's the proof:

The first one is for my 8 mile. Both have me averaging 12min miles.

For someone who started out running with a program called "Couch to 5k" you can understand why this is such an accomplishment.

Especially when I'm getting up on my weekends at 615am and running in the likes of this:

Okay, so it's no blizzard or below freezing weather but all that fog drenches me by the time I'm done.

Anyhow. How did this post get turned into a running post?? Oh, right. My word of the day. MOVE.

Suffice it to say, I'm not moving too much right now and I'm feeling very defeated. And the jury is still out on whether I will be able to run the half marathon in February. With no running I feel lethargic and unaccomplished.

So, my word of the year is move. This not only applies to running but also in doing. I am a procrastinator and I tend to be quite lazy so this word-move-should motivate me.

 Some days it will be something as simple as, "Move to the bathroom and brush your teeth."

Other days it may be "Move your body and run!" (hopefully)

"Move" can also be used in the terms of something that moves me- aka find more intention in my life. Significance.Find those things that make me have a more meaningful life. Move me. More specifically, get rid of those things that don't.

So, that's it. Move. move. move. This is the year of Moving.
Now, if only I could figure out how to work the musical "Moving on Up" into this year it'd be perfect.

(okay, now it's sounding like those funny wrong words when you say it too much).