Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Running! Staying fit for Zombie apocalypse...

This year I decided to attempt to stay healthy (hasn't really worked yet). Of course, my motivation was mostly my vanity (shed those pesky 10...um...20... ahem ::: mumble, mumble::: pounds) but  I knew since I was nearing my mid-30's it would benefit my health to get into shape. So, with the help of a friend (always makes it easier), I decided to start a Couch to 5K program (freebie app on my phone-C25K) to help me run regularly.

Let me just say, I am NOT a runner. Nor am I a healthy person. If you need any evidence of this fact just take a look at my statistics--I've been running for 2 months now 3-4 times per week (no lie!) at least 1.5-2miles at a time (most recently 2.5-3miles) and I've not lost one.single.pound. Luhvah says it's cuz I'm mostly likely gaining in muscle but I know it's cuz I just haven't changed my eating habits (80% of weight loss is made in the kitchen-not the gym). But what a bummer that I haven't even lost 5lbs. :(

Anyhow. As I said, I'm not a runner. I'm not here to tell you how completely freeing and rejuvenating it is and how I feel one with the universe (Oooommmmmmmmmmm) or any of that mularkey. Sure, there are moments when I run and I'm like, "Yes, I can do this. I feel good!" But most often than not my initial reaction is ::::whine:::: "No, I don't wanna run! Do I have to? Yes, you.must.run.Why? Why must I run? I can skip it. It won't kill me to skip it. OMG, it will kill me if I skip it. No! No. I should run. I can't skip it. Then again, how much could it hurt? Really, it's no big deal. I'm fine...Oh crap, I have to run. I will be a horrible person if I don't run.Get your arse up and RUN!!!!" That's pretty much my inner dialog each day I run (3-4 times a week. Rinse and Repeat). So, no I'm no runner. I feel glad that I finished after I'm done (like, OH-THANK-JESUS-I-DIDN'T-DIE-I'm finished).

My friend and I signed up for a 5K (a motivational goal) so we had something to look forward to. We decided on Miles for Hope which is in Clearwater, FL because of the time frame (fell perfectly for when our C25K program ended).

Here is the link to my page if ya want the details (or to donate to the cause which I'm running for-Brain Tumor awareness):


And last night I finally graduated my C25K program:

I can run the 5K (3.1 miles) in 37 minutes. Not great (not even average I believe). But I'm dying trying to run it in 36 minutes. Anyway, so far my time is 37 minutes. I'm really hoping all this running will help prepare me for the Zombie Apocalypse which, let's be honest, we all know will happen. Even the CDC has a page for it.

I will be back to post pics after the race. Wish me luck!

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