Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coffee Table Before/After...

Remember this lovely fellow?

I found him at a thrift store a few weeks ago for only 10.00 because someone had a little accident:
Of course, that didn't bother me because I knew a some sand paper and paint would make it all better. And it did. No longer does this coffee table have to hang it's head in shame. No, it can now proudly hold drinks, magazines and remote controls. It is utterly adorable. I love it.

And guess what? I didn't paint it white. See:

Here's a better pic:

And the boo-boo on top is non-existent now:
Just peachy! And I know, you're thinking-"uhhhh...he-llooooo... isn't that white?" But nooo my little un-believers, it is not.
It's actually called polished pewter by Glidden and it's a lovely light ice blue. I know it's difficult to see in the pics so to prove my point I had to slide it over to a piece that actually is white to show you lovelies:
See? I would never lie to you! It's not white! I can't believe you ever doubted me sillies! Oh, and as you can see I distressed it a little as well. I like how the dark looks with that light ice blue (not white) on top:

The great thing is that this only cost me the 10.00 for the table. I had the paint (free) already and sanding it down was a breeze.
What do you think? Keeper?