Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Visit with Craig...

Bored today so I visited with my bff Craig (shhhh...don't tell Will).

I found a few treasures but nothing I couldn't live without. Still, it was fun to browse.

First, this little round side table with glass top which would look adorable in a fun punchy green-or an aqua blue- was going for only 20.00:

Or these cute little end tables- again, I would probably paint them a nice subtle lime green were 45.00 for the pair:

This little guy was a bathroom cabinet-with towel racks on either side, and was only 15.00. And it doesn't even need a makeover!

Last but not least, I really liked this full head board for only 40.00. And, of course, I think it would look great painted...white! (But a basic black would look stellar also):

And that's it after much browsing...still it passed the time. I'll certainly have to make up this indiscretion with Craig by visiting my Good friend Will in the next few days.

Le Sigh. How do I juggle all these men?

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