Saturday, March 6, 2010

Recommendation: Audio Book

I'm not much for audio books. I really only have the time to listen to them on the way to work and I much prefer to read an actual book (call me old school) than listen to audio books. But when my friend told me I just had to listen to this audiobook because it was amazing I decided to because I'd had absolutely no desire to read the book in the first place.

I had already heard about the book The Devil In The Junior League - and had dismissed it really - because, for some reason, it reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada. And I really hated that book (I won't go into my reasons why, but suffice it to say, I couldn't stand how she took all that crap!). Anyhow. I wouldn't pick up the book but my friend swore by the audio and said the narrator was great. So, I figured, "why not?".

So, she lent it to me and I friggin' loved it!  A simple synopsis:
Fredericka Mercedes Hildebrand Ware known as "Frede" to her fellow socialites, is the quintessential Junior Leaguer in Willow Creek, Texas. She has, however, made a fatal mistake by trusting her husband, who has disappeared with her money and another woman. Frede's neighbor, attorney Howard Grout, is loud and crass, but he is also one of the most aggressive lawyers in the state, and he makes Frede an offer she can't afford to refuse. He'll hunt down her lowlife husband if Frede gets his good-hearted but gaudy wife into the Junior League.

My friend was right-the narrator made this book for me. She did multiple voices in wonderful ways and well, I just thought it was brilliant! The story hooked me from the start mostly because the narrator was lovely. I could clearly picture each character and her voices were varied and fit well with each character.

I won't ruin the book for you but I highly recommend getting the audiobook because of how colorful and flamboyant she is with her voices. It really made me picture the characters.

Here's what I pictured:

1)Frede Ware: She was a prim and proper southern belle who was used to being the prettiest and most popular girl -and always got her way. Thus, I pictured this character the whole time I was listening:

These are pics from the show True Blood (HBO), the character here is Sarah Newlin (played by Anna Camp). She is a proper southern girl in True Blood as well and has the accent down pat. So, this was my Frede Ware.

2) Nikki Grout: She was a sweetie but from the "wrong side of the track" and just wanted to fit in. I lurved the narrators voice for Nikki. She was all high-pitched cuuuhhnnntry girl with such a twang you just knew she was country trash. It was pure awesomeness. She was all "Ohhhh Myyy GAWD! Eyeh juhhhst cain't believe it Frede! Aren't ewe juhhst a suh-weet heart!!" :::high pitched over the top voice::: It was great. Because of Nikki's distinct style I pictured a young Fran Dresher (ala The Nanny) but most definitely did not have Fran Dresher's voice (hate it):

And one of my favorites-Sawyer Jackson. Well, with the name Sawyer I could picture no one else but the only Sawyer I knew:
 This is Josh Holloway who plays the part of Sawyer in the tv show Lost.
And, okay, I might have been able to get past the fact that when I heard the name Sawyer I pictured Josh Holloway but the description of Sawyer Jackson from the audiobook -what with the jeans all the time, a scruffy, bohemian artist- I just couldn't picture anyone else except the Sawyer above. Which, actually, was fine by me (yum). He was great for my book because he was the love interest. (again, yum).

Anyhow. I highly recommend the audio book to anyone with the time to listen (only 4 CD's and they went by quickly). Very good audiobook.

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