Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today is my sister's birthday and even though I can't be there with her to celebrate I know that I can send her Happy Birthday wishes from afar in a way that only she can appreciate:

See, I know she'll appreciate this because she's old enough to get the joke got a great sense of humor and who doesn't love The Hoff? Really, that was no crack on her age. After all, I can't very well make fun of her age without it being blaringly obvious that I'm not far behind in age (but I am still behind her thankfully!)

So, I'm sorry I can't be there with her to show her a night on the town, probably doing our favorite thing:

No, our favorite thing isn't torturing small animals.
It's karaoke, and I do miss going to karaoke with my seeeester!!!

Oh well. I suppose I'll have to settle for saying Happy Birthday and sending her a card (which will be late if you know anything about me!).
So, Happy Birthday!!!! I won't embarrass her and quote her age (even though my DH and mom are  probably the only 2 who read my blog and they know her age).

I hope you have a great birthday sister and you live it up as best you can in an age appropriate way today.

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