Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Memory Wall: Which one?

I have tons and tons of pictures--and frames-- but I never seem to put them up anywhere in my house. Finally, after many debates with myself over the stupidity of buying countless pictures frames that I like, and taking many a picture, I told myself that I should display them somewhere (what a novel idea).

I wish I had a picture of this hallway (to come) but I made this really crude diagram:


I am trying to decide what arrangement would look best. Again, here's a crude idea of what I'm thinking-working with the frames/sizes I have:

Option 1)
Option 2)
So, which do you like? I know, I know, it's a little difficult to tell what with the shoddy mock up.
Any spaces you see will likely IRL (in real life) not be there. Or, if it looks like they aren't spaced enough, they will be IRL. But overall, which frame layout do you prefer? Which lets your eyes wander in a relaxing manner from one frame to the other? Which seems more balanced?


  1. We did a wall like this in our nursery (pics in blog in you're interested), and I love it!

    I like option 1 better. There is a gap in the top left of 2 that throws me off. Option 1 just... flows I guess!

    Good luck!!