Sunday, February 14, 2010

What is Love?

Chances are, if you immediately started singing Haddaway, and bobbing your head, you don't really think about Valentine's Day the way most people do. For me, Valentine's stopped being fun when highschool was over. Don't get me wrong--I love my husband dearly--but I don't need a day to remind me of that fact. And neither does my husband. Now before you go thinking I am anti-Valentine's let me tell you that we still do celebrate it--just not with the gusto and anticipation that I believe so many do. It's just that my husband does many caring things that make me realize he loves me. And while we do something nice for Valentine's (usually a card and perhaps a small gift) we don't go gaga for it. Really, for me, it's just an excuse to eat chocolate with guiltless abandon and choke down a box of those chalk-like hearts with sayings on them (which have really gone off the deep end IMO with the whole Twilight sayings like, "Bite Me" and "Dazzle" and "I <3 EC". I like Twilight and all but really?

What happened to the ever-so-sweet "Hug Me" and "Be Mine"?) But I digress.

In honor of Valentine's Day I'd like to name just a few of the sweet things DH (Dear Husband) does for me on any given day of the year. I just want to appreciate every day and try not to put so much pressure on one day that really means very little in the long run.

1) When we think of Valentine's Day we typically think of chocolate candy boxes. Sweets for the sweet, etc.
But, on any given day, my husband is nice enough to go out and get me an ice cream sundae I'm really jonesing for, or that weird craving I suddenly have for apple pie. I'm a huge fan of anything dessert so it behooves me that I have such an accommodating husband. He will usually make a quick run to the corner store to get me any number of sweets I might have a hankering for. And, while my hips may be cursing him, my lips will always sing his praises because he does this tiny errand (even if it would be better if I didn't have that chocolate shake or those glazed donuts).

2. He lets me warm up my cold hands and feet on his body. We also think of snuggling with our loved one for V-day. I'm cold all the time and my husband is gracious enough to let me steal his heat (Heck, he's got plenty of it!). So, even though it's probably slightly uncomfortable for him he lets me slide my hands under his shirt and put them on his warm stomach. GAH! I wouldn't be able to stand it but he lets me do it and for that I'm eternally grateful.

3. He cooks dinner. Most guys might cook a special Valentine's dinner but my guy cooks all the time. At least 6 days out of the 7 he's the one doing the cooking (and on the 7th we're probably eating out!). I appreciate it more than you can know because, I'm not the best cook, and I know it can be tiresome when you add in the next special thing he does on a regular basis:

4. He cleans the dishes. Wow. I can not tell you how much I appreciate this. I hate the dishes. I would rather take out the trash, clean the toilet, and the kitty litter, than do the dishes. I just. don't. like. doing it. And my husband does the dishes all the time as well. I know it can be frustrating when you're cooking a meal and cleaning the mess afterward. But, bless him, he does it.

5.  He goes shopping with me. This is a small thing but I really like it when he goes shopping with me. Oh, and here's the key because I know most women say, "my DH does that too" but...he doesn't complain about it. He tags along, holds my bags, and gives imput when necessary because he knows I want him to. And he doesn't  utter one word of exasperation (even if sometimes I know he feels it). He will happily (okay, maybe not happily) go with me from store to store until I find exactly what I'm looking for and he just counts it as time we've spent together. Because he loves me. And that's one way he shows it.

6. He gives me foot/back massages. What more can I say? My DH is always giving and it is wonderful when I come home from a long day at work and he gives me a massage. I can't say anything more than the fact that it is awesome! 

I could go on and on but there wouldn't be enough time! These are just a few of the wonderful things I love my husband for.

This year I'm at work for the "big day" but on Thursday my husband is doing another wonderful thing- he's taking me to see Wicked. He knows I've been wanting to see Wicked for a while now and it just happened to be showing in the month of February so it became my "Valentine's present". To be honest though, he would have surprised me with these tickets at any time just because that's how thoughtful and loving he is.
I'm glad that he's like this all the time and not just 1-2 days a year when Hallmark tells him to.

But however you celebrate (or don't) Valentine's Day I hope you have a good February 14th.

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