Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas time...

We just got back from South Carolina and I'm exhausted. I had to work the day after we arrived back home which made coming in at 1100pm and then a 12 hour work day that much more terrible. (up at 530am=me a grouchy bear).

I had a lot of fun with the in-laws and I got the wonderful cold weather I never get to see in Florida. Average tempatures were approx. 50 degrees F compared to Florida's 70-75 degree weather (and yes, I know 50 isn't that cold but compared to FL anything is better!). I even bought 2 coats in SC even though I really should take one back -who needs 2 coats in Florida, really?

Though they did have colder weather in SC I was none too pleased to have my obnoxious loving family calling me the whole time to keep me abreast of their blizzard situation (14 inches where my sister lived and 6 inches where my mom lived). So that kinda took all the fun outta my 50 degree SC weather. Both my mom and sister got a White Christmas and no love from me that week (I hope it was worth it mom and sis!!! **sticking my tongue out at them***).

Still, we had a grand ol' time in South Carolina and visiting with my in-laws was crazy a blast since we never get to see them. It was so nice of my sister-in-law to invite us into her home and bonus- I didn't have to do a thing (no cooking, no cleaning=heaven to me).

 Here are a few of the pictures I took while there. There are plenty more pics but I just haven't sorted through them all.

The whole clan

Goofing off

just the kids and spouses

Our own personal Claus, my father-in-law
(oh, and since we never got it in SC, I added the snow to the pic for fun-I was just so jealous of my mom and sis!)

sister-in-law and her husband

DH (dear husband) and the munchkin drinking hot cocoa

DH and his sister

The family...wish the snow was real *le sigh*. and what is that face the munchkin is making? (with her lovely cocoa all over her mouth?)

SIL and MIL in the kitchen preparing food (thank you so much!!! I didn't have to)

SIL and her DH (sans fake snow)

I'll try and post more pics as I sort through them.
Until then, I'm running on empty and trying to get through my work week.

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