Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Amish Friendship Bread...

The other day a co-worker brought in a loaf of bread:

 And it.was.phe.nom.e.nal. Well, I don't know about the whole loaf but the 1 piece (okay, two three pieces I had were great!) And no making fun of the fat girl eating three pieces of bread--it was over the course of 2 days at work.

I told my co-worker that I must have the recipe and the next day he brought me a bag with instructions like this:

I'd never heard of Amish Friendship Bread (AFB). But I'm on board now. If you're completely clueless like I was, AFB is made by the Amish (duh!) and only they know how to make the starter bag (which I'm pretty sure a quick google search will yield is not true--but no worries, the Amish will never know their secret's out!).

So, you get this bag (a starter bag) with instructions on what to do each day and how to make the bread. Then at the end of a 10 day process (which was a no brainer really) you divide your loot into 4 bags and pass on 3 of them to friends (keeping one for yourself) to start the process all over again.

It was actually a neat idea and like I said, the instructions require very little skill. Because, who am I kidding really? if it took more than a 15% effort on my part- I wouldn't do it. So, it behooves me that the extent of my energies enlisted in this endeavor for each day were: Mush the bag. Check.

Now, I haven't made the actual bread yet but I'm sure it will be as yummy as the original bread I feasted on some 2 weeks ago. I finished the 10th day last night but didn't have 1 of the ingredients on hand to actually bake it and was waaaaay too lazy to go get it at the store at 830pm. So, I figured one day delay really won't hurt the process (if it does I'll let you know).

Tonight I'll be bringing home my missing ingredient and hopefully my home will smell like wonderful cinnamon bread. YUM! I'll let you know how awesome (or not) it is.

And in the coming days I'll be passing on a starter bag to some friends. Hopefully they won't look at it as if I'm saying, "Here ya go! Make your own bread!" and think, "You're gifting me a chore? Gee, thanks!"

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