Monday, March 8, 2010


Spring-sprung, spring-sprung, spring-sprung...It's got a nice little singing lilt going on. And it makes me happy. Okay, well... typically, in this God-forsaken sunny state o' Florida, it's difficult to see the beginning of spring/summer because, well, it's always here. I know, I know, you're saying..."why would you complain about the weather in Florida?" But, really, think about it...continual sunshine? It's the same as continual rain, or continual snow, or continual re-runs of Spongebob Squarepants- it just gets old after awhile.

And, even if Florida's sun is a complete downer to me most of the time (consider me an emo-loving, angst- ridden teen who loves a little overcast and gloomy weather every once in a while!), I think I'm feeling the vibe of spring.
So, here are some spring-tastic inspirations to go with my mood:

Blue and green is definitely spring, from Midwest Living:

Love all the bright pop of Easter in this tablescape, the Family Circle:

Or, what about this lovely spring setting, Good Housekeeping:

And this, from Country Living:

Of course, Martha never lets me down:

I love these fun DIY flower balls from Better Homes and Gardens:

Or these art pieces:

Yes, I am definitely ready for spring!

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