Friday, March 19, 2010

Thrift store shopping....

I love shopping at thrift stores. I love shopping at regular stores, for sure, but something about getting things really cheap does it for me. So, I love shopping at thrift stores. If you find the right stores, you could be sitting on a goldmine of other people's rejects which quickly can become your treasures.

The key is to go back more than once. Thrift stores aren't something you can take for granted--you must continually visit them, love them, search them out. Otherwise, you miss the awesome stuff amongst all of that trash. And, trust me, there is awesome stuff. I at once feel at peace as I wander up and down thrift store aisles, listening to my IPOD and just browsing. There's just something about them that nais se quois. Have I mentioned I love shopping at thrift stores?

Now some thrift stores (which shall remain nameless) can be quite pricey on their items. You really have to find the stores that work for you. I tend not to shop these certain thrift store chains anymore because every time I went I was finding accessories for upwards of 20.00. And these were used items people! I mean, I know I'm cheap but these things just weren't doing it for me with how much they wanted for their used vase or some such item. And their furniture (one of my favorites to scout out at thrift stores) were astronomical in pricing (for my cheap ass frugal mentality at least).  So, I've stopped frequenting that chain because I could never find things in my price range.

Of course, I love my bff Good Will...he's a must in my thrift store shopping. Good Will, he always has great prices. And that's one of the stores I went to today. So, enough talking...let me show you some of the things I scouted out (but -if my sweet husband is reading this he'll be happy to know-did not necessarily buy .).

First, I found these wonderful mixing bowls- 2 for 5.00:

5.00 is a great deal when you think about how these bowls start at pricing of 25.00 on up.

Then I saw this cute little jar with cork lid:
Only 2.00. Would be good for any assortment of things from desk paraphenalia like paper clips, rubberbands, etc. or used as a change catch all.

This picture framed art was only 2.00 also and all it needs is a nice fresh coat of white on the frame. Very cute.

Or what about this dome cheese dish? 3.00 for it and I can see a little birds nest with little speckled eggs laying in it to put on display:

I actually googled this idea and look what popped up:

This is from a blog called Looks sooooo cute! (sadly, the little cheese dome did not go home with me).

 I've seen hurricane candle holders like this at Walmart for 20.00, this was only 5.00:

Or this little accessory is nice- leave it as is or paint it white (I know, I'm obsessed with white!). It's only 3.00 also:

Of course, not everything at Good ol' Will's house is so eye catching. And you do have to hunt to find things. I had to move this lovely piece:

out of the way to get to the leaf accessory or I would have completely overlooked it.

While I may sometimes agree with the statement (love ya babe!) I don't think it makes for a tres chic decor item. Luckily, I can see beyond the trash to find the treasure.

Moving onward. My Good Will is thoughtful enough to group like items as well which can make for a pretty presentation. And, as I've always thought, presentation is half the battle with us. (which is why so many people can't stand thrifting--no presentation available):

My Good Will coordinates colors with colors on certain shelves which does draw the eye. It was so lovely it made me really want to buy those blue glasses or green bottles before I got a hold of my senses and realized I already have plenty of wine bottles at home in lovely green colors. :)

Then I found these beautiful mirrors--5.00 each:

The gold came home with me. It will get a nice coat of white (yes, white!!!!).

And I almost picked this other one up (found at another one of my local thrift stores):

It was only 2.00 but I decided against it. (see honey, I do have self-control!)

Of course, there was some nice furniture. Like this table:
It had very nice curves and at great price of 30.00 (what color do you think I'd paint it???) but alas, it was not going home with me.

This, however, did:

Nice little coffee table for only 10.00.
But oh noes! Looks like someone had a little accident:

No worries. I'll just sand it down and paint it and it will be good as new! And, no, I don't think I'm painting it white. (but we'll see! LOL).

I also got another little side table with petite legs which I didn't get a pic of but promise will show you when I do a before/after of it.

And because I know we've all seen it, I'll leave you with what most people probably consider thrift stores finds:
Yes, a 5.00 (5.00!!!????) half empty bottle of perfume.
(I'm gonna smell utterly fah-bu-lous tonight Dah-ling! just kidding) Who buys this crap?

Hopefully I've shown you that thrifting isn't all about the 5.00 bottle of used perfume.

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