Monday, March 22, 2010

Obsession: Makeup

Recently, I've been very obsessed with makeup. In the past I was never a "makeup" person per se, but as the years have progressed I've slowly added more and more to my arsenal. And, sure, thirty-ish isn't ancient but I've really been thinking about enhancing my assets since my youthful looks have started failing. lol

A couple of years ago my mom introduced me to Bare Minerals (disclaimer: this is not a BM ad of any sort!). Before then, I was a tried and true drugstore, non-picky, non-brand name, cheap makeup girl. And in my heart, I still am very cheap when it comes to make up. I mean, before a few years ago, I was young and thriving so I didn't really need makeup, so the little I had was just not expensive.  But after seeing how lovely my mom's skin looked in a picture one day -and her swearing that it was all due to BM-I decided to throw caution to the wind, my money out the window, and beg her to buy me some for my birthday (or something like that).

These days, I don't buy anything but Bare Minerals (ugh! for the cheap person in me since their prices aren't below 10.00 per item) and I love the way it makes my skin look. So, I've become mildly obsessed with makeup since then. Still, I'm no fashionista with makeup- and I'm sure my collection of products pales in comparison to those who are- but I have been thinking about makeup more and more.

A few things I love:

1) Red Lips.

 I love the look of red lips on a beautiful alabaster skin tone. Of course, I don't have alabaster skin. My heritage (part hispanic) isn't equipped with the creamy pale white skin that I covet so. (but I do tan well so that's a plus). Unfortunately, I just can't seem to find the right red. Anything I find makes me look like a clown on drugs and I say "Homey don't play that!" (see how old I am?).  I think I'm going to break down and buy the Red Zin color from BM because it looks like the true red I'm going for-unfortunately it's 18.00. Sheesh! To a dollar store whore like me that's outrageous.  But, I think it would go well with my warm skin tone.
Here are a few of my favorite covetous looks in red lips:

Maybe I could pull off the look that Penelope Cruz has going on with her red.

2) Green eyeshadow:
Okay, well, maybe not that green. But I have been obsessed with emerald green and the lovely mint greens out there. Something like this:
and these looks:

Look at the color combo above--red lips/green eyes! (and, of course, the creamy white skin-DAMN YOU!)

3) Purple Eyeshadow. For a while there I was really into the whole purple eyeshadow look. I love purple smoky shadows--sooooo sultry:

Whoa! Okay, now that's not sultry!
Here, try these:

4.) Lastly, gun metal grey:

I love all make up but these have been my favorites as of late. And now I'm thinking I really must get to a Bare Minerals store to buy me that Red Zin lipstick!

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