Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Craigslist fun!

When I'm bored at work and I can't go thrifting I hunt Craigslist. You know, when my other boyfriend, Good Will, can't be around, well, I just rely on Craig in those moments.

And, even if I'm not going to buy, I can feast my eyes on these lovely diamonds in the rough and dream about what I could do with them. Like this old medicine/ army cabinet (complete metal) for 75.00:


Or this twin head board for 50.00-totally cute:

Would look great with this Shabby Sheik (as the poster put it LOL) dresser, only 95.00:

I can see the above dresser painted some light aqua blue color. So fun!

And this square end table would be cute repainted white (i'm obsessed with white right now I know!) with a basket underneath, listed at 40.00:

Or these tables, 3 for 65.00, would look cute in a nice mint green color:

I love shopping Craigslist when I'm bored. It keeps me motivated to tackle some project or another around my home.

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