Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring desires...

As if I need another reason to spend money...a few things I've been really wanting:

1) Rain boots. There are such cute rain boots out there and I've really been jonesing for some this season. After all, Florida does get a lot of rain and the idea of having some of those fun patterned adorable wellies (as the Brits call them) is just hard to resist. The two I'm really wanting:

These by Chinese Laundry

These adorable polka dot ones by Chooka.

2) Flirty Spring dress. I'm obsessed with dresses. Forget the fact that I have 10-15 dresses that I hardly ever wear because if I'm not at work (uniform required), I'm at home- cleaning, working on a project, etc- and those things just don't require dresses. Still, I'm completely in love with dresses. I find them all the time and want to buy tons and tons and tons of them. Even though I have 2 hanging in my closet right.this.minute-which have never, ever been worn. I just don't go many places that require dresses.

But, forget practical! On to dreaming:
I want something feminine and flirty and high in my mind are these two which are from Anthropologie, and, unfortunately,  major deniro (oh, wait! that's the actor) I mean, dinero:

Not sure which I prefer but they are both 100.00- soooo...more than I want to spend. But they're so pretty and dreamy- romantic looking. *sigh*

3)Romantic blouses. I've always been a fan of ruffles, polka dots, capped sleeves--basically anything that looks romantic. I've scouted out a few shirts- and I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy one I found at the mall a few weeks ago. I haven't gone back yet to see if it's still there but I don't have much hope that it will be (little boutique store). It was only 25.00 too. :(

Here are a few I like from Anthro (***pink puffy heart Anthro***) but are expensive as everything is there:

4)White sandals. I'm in desperate need of a nice pair of white sandals for the summer. I just can't decide if I want actual flip-flop, sandal, or flat shoe:
These are, easy, comfortable.

So are these:
 (hey, I'm cheap ---and definitely not a shoe snob---so sue me that I like cheap shoes!)

These are from Target, also cheap, and cute:

Okay, I've daydreamed enough and spent plenty of my fake money.So, I must stop thinking about it before I spend my REAL money.
Peace out.

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