Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Entry look...

My friend brought over her mudroom bench thingy (technical term). Which meant it was time to change up my entry to accommodate. Here's what the entry looked like...basically its a small walkway between the stairs and living room.

That is where my daughter piles alllllll of her things. Backpack, softball bag, skateboard, junk, shoes, etc.

Here is the bench with no adornments

Pretty, no? I am such a lucky girl (with an awesome friend) to get this thing.

There were hooks on the front by the mirror but I didn't want anything junking up that area so I grabbed some S hooks I already  had to hang things on the sides:

 Like my daughter's softball bag and backpack. I put some throw pillows at the top which were green like this:
 But I wasn't feeling them or the seat cover because everything was so dark. And solid. I wanted a pretty spring pattern to lighten up all the dark metal.So, I started searching for fabric I might like (for cheap of course).  I found it in cute pillow covers at Michael's. And, get this, they were on sale for only 1.60 each.
I just threw them on the pillows I already had and voila!

For the bench I want something that can be taken off and cleaned quickly. I perused the thrift store for any pretty fabric I could use and came across this floral patterned pillowcase which was perfect because I didn't even have to sew. It was only 2.00 too.

Underneath went a container (also donated by my lovely friend) for unsightly knick-knacks. So, here it is:

 I'm so excited about the organization it gives the front area. Plus, it leaves the area right next to the door open.

Problem now is the dirty, scuffed-up wall. See it? Of course you do.


I'll get around to it sometime.


  1. Love your bench!! Just perfect for that area.

  2. love the the cute pillows