Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Organization in pantry...is it possible?

Just a small project I tackled to make this:

look more organized.
This is in our cupboard. It hold various items but mostly our boxes of kool-aid packets to add to bottled waters. It always looks like a mess because, no matter how much I organize, my daughter and husband are always sifting through them to find the different flavored packets they want. Inevitably, there are empty boxes and packets everywhere in there. And it never stayed neat.

So, I devised a plan to make it more organized and use up a space in my pantry that is wasted. This was a no cost DIY also because I only used 1 thing which I already had: contact paper.

I bought this on sale at Michaels (1.50 for roll) awhile ago because I loved the pretty pattern but hadn't found a use for it.

Okay, I lied. I used 1 other thing for this makeover: labels.

I also had this leftover from a project I had done in March so- no cost. (originally found at Michael's).

So, here's what I did. I took all the kool-aid boxes and cut them in half (eyeballed it).

Then I wrapped them in my contact paper:
I had about 7-8 pretty boxes.
I added the labels to the front of the box with each flavor written on them.
Here's the end result:
Soooo much more organized. And it uses a space that would otherwise be wasted in my pantry. Since they are measly little packets of powder I just used thumb tacks to adhere the boxes to the wall. No problems with them falling or being too heavy for the tacks. I also added a small plastic bowl below them to hold additional boxes of kool-aid that may not fit into the organized box (we tend to stock up on them and use them a lot as it's the only drink we really have in the house).

Now I just need to figure out how to make the rest of my pantry looks as organized.


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  1. Wow looks great! You creative little minx!! : ) Miss you!!!!