Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving fun!

I haven't blogged in a while because I've been so busy doing so many fun things for the Halloween season I just haven't had any time to blog about it!

First, since it is Halloween, I have to show you the awesome pumpkin carvings we did.
Here are the pumpkins lined up looking purdy as a peach (can I say that about pumpkins?or is that, like, an insult to a gourd? Okay, they looked gourd-geous! *snort*). Anyhow, they're just minding their own business unaware that they're about to be slaughtered faster than horny teens in a horror flick.

We had friends over and it was a blast.

Some people used stencils (me looking over them with my daughter), while others free handed it.

I decided to free hand because I was inspired by something I found online. Once I saw it I knew it was the pumpkin carving for me! If only I could recreate it. I messed up some but it came out pretty okay. Here are a couple of the pumpkins friends made:
 But of course, I have to show case mine! Because I'm such an attention whore I worked so diligently on it and was overly ecstatic when it turned out awesome.
Can you see it? Of course not. It wasn't that impressive with the flash and no backlit candle. In fact, it kinda looks like a hot mess there.

But look now:

Know what it is? Maybe not. But it's a Mockingjay symbol made famous from the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
My inspiriation:
Okay, so it's not perfect but hell, I was sooo pleased that it didn't turn out to be mush.

And yes, I highly recommend the book.

Sorry to get sidetracked. Back to pumpkins. (or specifically, my awesome pumpkin!)

Happy Halloween!

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