Sunday, September 12, 2010 love affair is soon to begin!

Fall is slowly approaching and, while it may still be 90 degrees in Florida, many places are starting to see the beginnings of autumn. Oh, how I miss her.

 I feel Autumn thinks I've forsaken her since I've been here in Florida. Unfortunately fall doesn't come 'round these parts until perhaps January or February. So for now I just stalk it long for it like a 10 year old girl longs to kiss Justin Beiber.

 What really got me in the mood was walking into Homegoods (one of my favorite stores) and seeing aisle after aisle of Halloween/Fall decor. UGH. I mean, it's humid and sunny in Florida (a balmy 90 degrees each day) but you'd think it should be 65 degrees out with red and yellow leaves on the ground. 

To make matters worse, I found these a-dorable cocoa and cider kitchy food items-I've been pining for fall ever since:

Aren't they sooooo cute? I love the packaging almost as much as I'll love what's inside. It's so Fall. I mean, Peanuts and autumn colors- adorable! I'm itching for the Great Pumpkin right.this.minute. I really can't wait to use these. At 4.99 each they weren't such a bad deal.

I plan on building an awesome fire in the fire pit, sitting out one chilly night and sipping on some cocoa or cider keeping toasty warm in an oversized sweatshirt and cozy socks.
That is my idea of heaven.

Now I just have to wait until it gets cold enough to actually build the fire. Hopefully it will be sometime before Halloween. But it'll more likely be nearer to Christmas before chilly weather heads our way. :(

I was so inspired by the feeling of Fall on the horizon that I went out immediately and purchased a new fall nail color. I'm wearing it right now though I'm sure it's much too early to be wearing such a dark color.Still, I just couldn't resist:
The color is OPI's William Tell Me About OPI.

I just love Fall. Please come back to my my long lost lover!

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