Monday, November 22, 2010

Sea Glass vs. See Glass...

Florida is really a beautiful place when you think about all the lovely beaches around here. I was wandering up and down the beach the other day, soaking in the loveliness of it all:
The waves crashing against the sand...the clinking of sea glass washing upon the shore...

Wait a second. I hate Florida. WTF? Am I dreaming? What was that sound? Certainly not waves crashing. Nor sea glass tinkling.

 A loud crash, glass breaking, and me being suddenly pulled from a restful sleep. That's what happened a few nights ago. I went to investigate knowing full well that the culprit's must be one of my curious obnoxious loving cats breaking something.

Of course, I was barely awake and couldn't quite figure out what the hell happened except that something must be broken. Upon walking into the bathroom I found the shower glass window was shattered.
There was a hole the size of a cantelope in the middle (like a ball had gone through it) and the glass was falling out little by little-the whole thing was a goner. I wish I had taken a picture of it before my husband started actually punching it all out to clean it up (It was friggin' midnight and I was barely awake so it took me a bit before I thought--take pictures). 

Here's what it looked like after he'd broken the bulk of it out into our shower. There was no chance of saving any of it so it was a matter of breaking the rest of it out (the whole thing was shattered through and through).

And for good's all the lovely glass in our shower. It seemed easier to break it into there and clean it up. Pretty isn't it? I try to tell myself that it's diamonds coating my shower rather than broken glass. Makes me feel better.

After we cleaned most of it up:

Husband hard at work... at midnight.

And look how pretty it looks in the trash bag.

 I mean, really I should save it in a jar and put it on display. Makes me think of sea glass. Le sigh.

 Alas, it is not sea glass.

The estimate I got to fix it was close to 1K (1000.00? Really? I mean, really?) I figure it will be a bit before we have a nice shiny window in our shower. After all, it doesn't impede the ability to take showers and the water doesn't splash out because of how high the wall is (though it can be a bit drafty in the mornings). So, that was the saga of seeing glass...not dreaming of sea glass.
We still are theorizing as to how it happened.(based on the hole it seemed weirdly impossible that it was one of our cats) I have yet to rule out ghosts.


  1. you are such a hoot!!! Too bad it cost so much to fix! Ah, the wonderful life of owning a house! Love ya! Can't wait to see you Christmas

  2. Yikes! You should've saved some of the glass and bought one of those stone tumblers to smooth the edges...then you could have had your sea glass :-)