Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween....scary but fun!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays-probably because it's in the fall. I love everything about it-the colors, the candy, the dressing up! (and it gave me an excuse to wear the gorg Mardi Gras mask I bought in New Orleans -which I would otherwise have no reason to wear.)

This year, due to being out of town and a crazy work schedule, I didn't decorate for Halloween. Bummer for my daughter. :(

Fortunately, my husband had a stellar costume idea for her and that alone made up for the lack of decorations. Before I show you the pictures, I have to explain something. My daughter (who's 11) is very much a tomboy and does not like anything that is remotely girly. She grumbles and complains every time I want to fix her hair, put her in a dress, or in any way show that she is a pretty little lady (*GASP!* God forbid anyone think she's pretty). She doesn't look at Halloween as a "dress up" day like most girls. She wouldn't be caught dead in a Disney Princess outfit --unless, of course, it was a dead Disney Princess...that she would do. Morbid, right? So, this costume was right up her alley.

Sidenote: when searching for the items to make up this costume the husband mentioned the word morbid. My daughter then asked, "What does morbid mean exactly?" When I tried to explain it to her she seemed to understand. Later that day, when discussing other issues with the costume, I suggesting cutting off a barbie dolls head to which daughter responded, "Ohhh yeah! Lets do that--cut off a Barbie's head!" **insert creepy gleeful child's giggle here**
I turned to her and said, "See...that is morbid sweetheart." I think she got it.
(I promise we are raising her with upstanding morals and values and she will not be the next Jane the Ripper.)


My husband was awesome at crafting a way around this costume (found the idea online) and the frugal person in me loved this because the whole thing only cost about $17.00 to make. She got many compliments going house to house, which I'm sure made her feel good. Plus, she felt like a celebrity because more than one person would walk by and say, "That is sooo cool!" -some even asked if they could take her picture. The hubby was just a thrilled because it was quote -his idea- end quote and he felt so proud just hearing everyone ooooh and ahhhh over it.

We will definitely use this costume again in coming years just because it was so cheap easy cool and scary!

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