Monday, July 4, 2011

No Sew Pillow...

Okay so, the title of this post is a lie. An out and out lie. I sewed a little (but only a little). My sewing skills don't exceed more than "a little" anyhow. I mean, I was sweating it when I had to thread the darn sewing machine so thank goodness it didn't require more than that (remember: I got a C in Home Ec).Anyway.

I wanted some holiday decor being that it's 4th of July. But I'm cheap and money is tight. The easiest way to get that was to make new pillow covers for my couch. So, I got some basic red fabric:

I started by ironing a crisp hem (after measuring the amount I needed for 2 pillows) and adhereing with iron on hem tape:

Then I took white ribbon and measured the amount needed for 2 stripes (on each pillow) and adhered those with more iron on hem (whomever the hell invented this stuff-I thank thee).

Incidentally, I didn't have enough length for the 4th stripe. I centered it as best I could on the front but it didn't reach the full length on the back of the pillow. I didn't care. I mean, it's the back so who notices really? It's not like I'm having Martha over for the 4th-she's too busy hosting a clambake in the Hamptons or some such activity (sorry Martha- thanks for the invite- but I can't make it). Plus, I wasn't about to get out again for, like, 4 inches of ribbon. Whatevs. This was a cheap, easy, and fast DIY project. It's not perfect (so it pretty much fit right in at my house).

After the ribbon I formed it around my pillow to verify that I was on track:
I wasn't sewing in a zipper but I wanted the option to change them out so I made a back flap. After verifying that it worked I sewed the sides up. I only made 2 sewing lines which finished the pillow off:
Here's my old sewing machine: I'm sure it wishes it had someone else as it's owner. Someone who would properly take care of it, who wouldn't let dust bunnies collect on it, who gives it the proper maintenance to run efficiently, heck, someone who even  knows how to friggin' thread the thing.
After it was sewn I turned it inside out and stuffed the pillow in it. You can see what I mean here by the back flap:
The finished product:

Cost breakdown:
Fabric (1 yard which yielded 2 pillows): 3.99
White ribbon (already had) but cost: 1.00 
Iron on hem tape: 2.00

Total Cost for 2 pillows: 7.00 (3.50  per pillow cover!)

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  1. looking good!! Love your pillows and your USA tray.