Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 Check list check-in:

Here is the list I started at the beginning of the year:

1.) Clean out my closet. Done.You know it's always easy to get the small things out of the way.

2.) Organize my bills/junk mail. Done. I even organized my bar so that those pesky papers wouldn't land there all the time.  The problem is, while my bar is nice and clean, I now have a basket in my bedroom with  a stack of papers that needs to be filed. Okay, it's definitely neater than the way it was before...but it's still a pile.  :(

 3.) Refinish 2 dressers. I'm half way there. I've 1/2 stripped one, and painted the other but am waiting on hardware. Sooo....sorta done.

4.) Tear out the carpet on the stairs and try to refinish them. -Working on it now!

5.) Sell 5 items I no longer use on Craigslist.(2  [1] desks, 1 coffee table, 1 dresser, 1 tv armoire) Close enough.

6.) Finish losing 15lbs. I've actually gained 15 lbs but lets not talk about that otherwise I'll go home, crawl under my covers, and cry myself into oblivion whilst clutching a yummy box of chocolate macadamia nuts (Thanks for enabling me BFF!!!!).

7.) Paint the loft upstairs and reorganize it for more functionality. Sooo done.

8.) Take down the Christmas tree and decor inside. Would you ever read my blog again if I hadn't done this already?

9.) Replace our shower window.  Done. And much cheaper than I was originally quoted. So, YEA!

That leaves me with only 2 3/4 things left to do (if you count that I've only half way done some things). And I still have 6 months left! I think I'm doing really well considering. Considering how lazy I am.

I would almost say I'm hopeful enough to add a few more things to my list. Dare I? Okay, I dare. Yes, I laugh in the face of ...uhhhhh....list-making...and uhhhh..whatever else I can hubrisly laugh in the face of! I'm totally gonna add stuff.

1.) Repaint my kitchen cabinets.
Right now they look like this:
You're to ignore the mess in the kitchen (it's the only pic I had available at the moment). But can you imagine why I might want to paint them? Of course you can!

 I want to paint them black. Like this:

courtesy of The Lettered Cottage
2.) Repaint my bathroom cabinets as well. I may consider white, who knows? I just know I want the Honey Oak GONE (it's all through the house).The HOFF (Honey Oak Furniture Flip) in action!

3.) File my bills, uh-gain!

4.) Crown molding in the powder room. It's a small room. For that reason I imagine it would be an easy place to start with a crown molding attempt (never tried before). I even have scrap molding in the garage just waiting to be used to try this out. We'll see.

5.) Finish painting base boards. I started a looooooong time ago painting my base boards from smokers yellow (yuck) to crisp white. I only got about half my house done. I really need to finish.

not my baseboards

Trust me that's more than enough to keep me busy when I think about adding them to the list I have every.single.weekend:

1.) Sleep in
2.) Wake up, eat waffles.
3.) Watch any number of my DVR'd shows.
4.) Pet my kitty (this is not a euphemism!)
5.) Pet the other 2 kitties so they don't feel left out.
6.) Take a nap out of sheer exhaustion.
7.) Wake up, repeat.

See? Clearly, I have a really busy schedule every week so adding more to it will surely overwhelm me til the end of the year.
*crossing fingers I can do it all!*

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  1. you need me to send you more chocolate?