Monday, January 24, 2011

Strike on the List-Closet Cleaned

So, my new year's resolu- my to do list- has 1 more thing crossed off. The cleaning of the master closet.
I tell you, at first, it was a daunting task. But, in the end, it was really kinda fun pulling out all sorts of things from the back of my closet that I didn't even remember I had! First, here's the before:

Scary. Just too much stuff. Time to purge.And purging feels good (okay, not the kind where you have, like, a medical problem but you know what I mean peeps).

I ended up with a fashion show (okay, some of it not so fashionable) trying on all the dresses and clothes that I wasn't sure about and just didn't know if I loved enough to keep.This certainly slowed my progress down a bit but it made it more fun. Like, who knew I had 4 black dresses? And what use do I have for 4 of them anyway? Do I really go to that many funerals? I must think I do because I kept them.
 Kept this one cuz I liked the back. (and forgive the fact that I just tried these on over my jeans/boots. I didn't have time to be prettying up the look. I just wanted to see how they fit and if I loved 'em or not.).
 And this is one of my favorite dresses so I certainly couldn't part with it:
This one I kept because I wore it to my grandpa's funeral so, I just couldn't get rid of it.

Not too flattering but I think it would look better with tights (not socks) and my hair fixed, etc. etc.
The last black dress I didn't take a pic of cuz it was a basic sheath and I was on a roll and didn't wanna stop.

But some other gems:

Might've worked but the bust was all too loose. It was outta here!

This one wasn't so bad. I kept it because I wore it to my wedding rehearsal. I just couldn't get rid of it.

Other things won't get tossed cuz they're special occassion things like this sequined red top. I know its a bad pic but it's really very pretty IRL.

Okay, enough dress up...I'm sure you wanna see the after pics so here they are:

I know my side doesn't look that cleaned out but I promise it is! the top shelf just has all our boardgames none of which got cut. And look at all that extra space on DH side?
It looks sooo much cleaner, bigger and lovelier in our closet now. Look how much stuff was taken out of just this one small closet-

 Three trashbags full of clothing. It's crazy. (We Americans really do have too much stuff). More may be leaving since I put a small "maybe" pile aside with the stipulation that if it's not worn at least 1-2 times within the next 3 months it was also gone.
Again, the before:


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