Monday, January 10, 2011

TO DO: 2011

Resolutions are depressing. I always feel like if I don't keep them then I've somehow failed.
Even though I do have some resolutions, I mostly don't do them cuz...really...who actually believes I'll keep 'em? Not me. Don't answer that.

But lists- I can do lists. Lists are attainable. Jot stuff down then scratch it off. Lists are fun for anal retentive people like me. I make lists for everything from groceries (normal) to packing for trips (normal) to what exactly I would buy if I won the lottery and how it would all break down in my needs/wants and just exactly how much of a "lottery" I'd have to win in order to be considered financially solvent (not exactly normal). Also, I love crossing things out. It makes me feel accomplished at peace not lazy. Like, "hey- look at all those crossed out things? AWESOME!"

Now, because I am a totally lazy person, I'm gonna make my list short. Then, when I get done I can be proud that I've accomplished something instead of lying on my hiney all year long doin' nu''in'.

So, the list goes like this:

1.) Clean out my closet (this is more like a spring cleaning thing). I was in my master closet and realized I have waaaaay to many clothes now. So, I should downsize some things and clean it out.Plus, just reorganize what I have.

2.) Organize my bills/junk mail.
It was a big pile. and now it's nothing. YEA! (See how awesome it looks to have something already crossed off the list? Le sigh.)

 3.) Refinish the 2 dressers that I have but haven't done anything with. Actually, I have tried to sand the bottom 2 drawers of this dresser. And then I left it alone for a year.
The dresser above just needs to be painted. One afternoon is all it will take. I'll get there.

4.) I would love to add this to the list- tear out our carpet on the stairs and try to refinish them like Thrifty Decor Chick did here:
Gorg. But a bit of a stretch for me unless I am loco.

5.) Sell the 5 items (2 desks, 1 coffee table, 1 dresser, 1 tv armoire) that I no longer use on Craigslist.

6.) Finish losing 15lbs. I scratched this off, not because I attained the goal, but because it seemed more resolution-y (is that a word?) than list-y (and is that a word?).

7.) Paint the loft upstairs and reorganize it for more functionality.

 It doesn't look nearly this nice right now and well, I'll take a before pic to show you exactly what it looks like when I get to that point.

8.) Take down the Christmas tree and decor inside. (I wish I could scratch this off right now, but nope, too lazy, haven't gotten there yet.)

9.) Replace our shower window.
Of course, this has been cleaned up but no glass has been put in as of yet. I nearly choked on the 1K price right before Christmas and it didn't hinder taking showers so it never got done. It has to be on the list now.

So that's it. Cleaning and reorganizing will be my motto for the coming year. Can I do it? Heck yeah! I have all year after all, with only 10 9 items on the list. Let's see...that breaks down to about 1 task every month. Even my lazy bum should be able to do it, right? (Let's cross our fingers.)

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  1. Good luck! I'm a list me some lists, and a change it and scratch things off.