Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter Mantle

I officially declare it all right to show you my Christmas/winter mantle after the fact since A) I was lazy and didn't get it up until the week prior to Christmas and then B) I was sick through the holidays so I didn't blog like I meant to which also brings us to C) I was just plain lazy.

So, lets suspend the reality of blogland. Pretend that you aren't done with the holidays, that you aren't  thankful they are over, aren't tired of seeing holiday decorations (most having already taken them down by now-unlike my lazy bum), and haven't gone through a bajillion blogs already a month ago that showed you their Christmas mantles-probably much prettier and much more efficiently done than mine. Come along on this magical journey, transport yourselves back about a month ago and look at my pictures and like it dammit. or just skip this post all together-it's totally your choice.

This year I decided I wanted a silver/gold look on the mantle (since I already had so much silver anyway). Cue the music, "Silver and gold, Silver and gold, everyone wishes for silver and gold..." This joke would have gone over much better a month ago when everyone had the holiday spirit. (just humour me, 'mmmkay?).

On to the pictures.

I already had:
1) the happy holidays sign-I think I paid 3.00 for it last year.
2) the silver/gold snowflakes
3) the silver candlestick
4) the silver urn
5) the electric fake candle sticks (1.00 each). They were a really ugly cream yellow (I call it smokers yellow) and I just painted them silver with spraypaint I had leftover from another project. took like, 2 seconds to paint.
6) the glass vase, beads, and twigs (which I also spraypainted silver)
7) the garland

I bought:
1) the 3 white candles (flickering electric from the dollar tree!! 1.00 each)
2) 1 pkg gold bulbs for decor to offset all the silver (1.00 dollar tree!)
3) gold shredded icicles (dollar tree)
4) the big glittered gold bulb (dollar tree)

So, for my mantle I spent 6.00 and 3 of those dollars were for candles that I can use again at another time.

So, there it is. My Christmas mantle. Which, when I take down the "Happy Holidays" sign, will become my winter mantle.

Okay, you may now go back to your regularly scheduled programs.

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