Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pow-uh Hungry!

Since this weekend I've definitely become drunk with pow-uh. I must.must.must.have.pow-uh.

So... I power washed my front walkway too.

I know this must be monumentally boring for all you pro power washers who've done it over and over ad nauseum.

Here's what my walkway looked like prior to washing (ignore my poor dying plant, 'mmmkay?):
Look at all that gunk!
You know why power washing isn't so bad? Cuz you do almost nuthin'. And the rewards are plentiful! That's a dream come true for a lazy person like me. I exert next to no energy and in return I get clean sidewalks. Lurve.

See? That's all I did. Point a hose, wave it back and forth, maybe write my name in the grime- and that's it. Oh, and listen to my Ipod. Yup, blissful.

Look how pretty:
Yes, I must own me a pressure washer fo'sho'.


  1. what fun!! It's always nice to get things clean!! Enjoy your next job!

  2. Excellent job! The pressure washer is, indeed, handy on this kind of situation. It makes the cleaning effortlessly faster and efficient. However, know when is the right time to do pressure washing for it can damage your walkway, if the pressure is too much and too frequent. Cheers!

    German Zollinger @Total Clean Equipment