Sunday, March 4, 2012

To My Sister...

So, 2 days ago my sister had a birthday. I remembered it. I even called her.And her present will be in the mail within the next week (I promise!) But I forgot to blog about it (which has been a longstanding tradition for the past 2 years-basically, the life of my blog). Anyhow. I meant to blog about it and it slipped my mind, which, let's be honest, is no big surprise since my mind's pretty much been MIA since I've been on mids the past 2 months.

But let's pretend that I was just stretching out those younger years for her so she didn't feel older. Yes, that's it folks- I didn't forget her blog post- I just postponed it so she could soak in a few more days of her younger age. How nice am I, right? So now that I'm putting up her birthday post it is officially official (<<---technical terminology):  

Today my sister is old(er).

And even though her present has not yet been sent (okay, okay, so I'm a procrastinator-whatevs!) I figured this would cheer her up:

I'm sure she'd rather have this guy telling her Happy Birthday instead of me. So there ya go.
And because my brain is mush and I have no amount of wit left in my body  I'll leave it at that.


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