Sunday, February 26, 2012

Before/After...dresser obsession cont'd.

Soooo, a really long time ago I started to paint and makeover this dresser:

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the hardware I wanted at the price I wanted so it sat naked forever, and ever, and E-VER. Then miraculously I found what I wanted (Ebay) at the price I wanted (approx $1.00 per pull) and all was right with the world! But then I sat on pictures for-EVUH again and that leads us to this day.
A bit anti-climatic but nevertheless, here is my finished product:

It's just basic white paint, distressed a little, with spanish pull rings. If only I could rip out the carpet to give it a beautiful showcase on pretty floors. Oh well.

Something that took me all of a day to makeover took me more than a year to show you.
Yup, that's me. Right on time. I think I need to distress the embossed detail on the top drawers a little more to show their distinction but overall I'm satisfied.

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