Thursday, February 20, 2014

Open shelving

Open shelving in the kitchen is so popular.
Here's the evidence all over pinterest:


So I figured it'd be a great way to add more space to my teenie-tiny kitchen. Plus, I'd had open shelving on one of my cupboards at the Kingdom:

I'd really gotten used to the easy access to my plates/bowls on display so I liked the idea of having that at The Miracle as well. 

This time I had to build shelves which was easy as apple pie. I shamelessly stole the corbel look from Young House Love:

In the end I don't think I got the right lumber- I believe mine was 12" wide but only 1" thick (I believe theirs was 2" thick). Basically, my board was skinnier looking than theirs. I used "common board" from HD and for a 10ft length it was 20.00. I had it cut into 3 shelves of 40" each. Which worked perfectly on my wall. The corbels were 10.00 each so for 6 it was 60.00+ 20.00= 80.00 for custom shelves.

Then I got to painting everything white. 

Here's the finished product:

  It gives me much needed space and it's cute as well! I painted the ceiling (see how low it is! Argh!) Which helps with the dungeon but there's still plenty to do in this kitchen.
I need to paint the cabinets and I will also be trying my hand at painting the ugly laminate counters soon. My job is not over in my attempt to make this kitchen feel more spacious and less like a cave.
But for now I like the open shelving. It gives me more space and the common dishes used are easily accessible. Check off one more thing that makes this place feel more like home.

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