Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's The Doctor...not Dr. Who?

Hello y'all! I'm working on something big so I'll be back later hopefully to share that. For now, I wanted to share with you the crafts that I did for the Monkey.

Lately, she's into everything British (it's sweeping the nation I suppose). So, she loves BBC something fierce. Her big thing is Sherlock and Doctor Who. Doctor Who is very big for her since there are sooo many episodes to watch (as opposed to Sherlock with only 9 episodes).

Anyhow. For Christmas, (yes, I know this is rather late coming) I decided to make her a Doctor Who inspired nightstand since she was needing one for her room. I'm always rearranging furniture and I happened to have an available nightstand that would fit this makeover perfectly. I found this on Pinterest which helped spur me on:

 I decided I would do something similar with her nightstand. A Tardis nightstand. (If you don't know what the Tardis is, basically, Tardis in Doctor Who = Delorian from Back to the Future). The Tardis looks like this:

The nightstand started out like this:
I had already taken off the hardware. Next, I covered the grating so it wouldn't get painted since I was spraypainting this. 

 All I did for this was buy 1 can of spray paint from Walmart in what I approximated as a close color to "Tardis Blue". The can cost me only 2.00. After spray painting, I painted the inside of the top drawer black and stenciled the words on in the same way that I stenciled on our front door at the Kingdom.

I haven't yet gotten hardware for the thing (I know, 3 months later...). But she loved it. So, now she has her own Tardis nightstand. What I loved about this Christmas present was it was practical (she needed a nightstand) but whimsical and it caters to her teen obsessions. Plus, it was absolutely cheap, cheap, cheap= 2.00 (and however much hardware may be). It was just a can of spray paint. Everything else I already had on hand.

The next craft was similar in nature. Again, found this on Pinterest:
Bleach, easy. I just needed a shirt. I finally pulled the plug when I ran across a rack of  $1.00 shirts  (No lie, one friggin' BUCK!) on clearance at Walmart. Just basic long sleeve tees.
 If you're trying this I recommend putting something in between the front and back side of the shirt to make sure the bleach doesn't bleed through (I just wanted the front bleached). I used a plastic bag (you can see it sticking out in the pic above). 
I free handed a rough estimation of the Tardis on cardboard and cut it out to lay on the shirt when I bleached around it.

I also tucked the sleeves in the side. I was using that orange electrical piece to hold down the paper since it started curling up when it got wet. I simply sprayed straight bleach on the shirt in a galaxy type way.

Here's the finished product:

I also showed you the back side of the neck. I forgot to cover the hole up in the front and it bled through. Not a big deal but may want to cover if you don't want to have it on the back.

Again, this was a cheap craft- only 1.00 for the shirt. And I really love it. So cute.
The Monkey is certainly covered in Doctor Who gear. These were quick and easy crafts.

I'll try and be back next week to show you the project I'm working on right now.

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