Saturday, March 15, 2014

Make a good Entrance...

Today I wanted to show you my entry or foyer or for-yay if you're fancy.  I always believed you only had a for-yay (foyer speak for fancy people) if you were really, really wealthy. Well we're not so I guess I just have an entry to show you.

I was really excited to decorate this area because we only had a walk in area at the Kingdom, not a really truly true entry. See here:
One of the things I loved about the Kingdom was how open it was but that meant there wasn't really an entry way specifically.

Not the case at the Miracle. Here it is on inspection day:
Really bad picture and it's from the living room looking into it rather than the actual front door but you get the idea.
It was a pretty big area to decorate. I waited to do anything with it until I painted everything (ugh). But thankfully, since this was the main part of the house, I stuck with Revere Pewter by BM and flat white ceilings.

After painting I hung curtains. I just put up something I already had which I'd used in the master bedroom at the kingdom. But I liked them in the foyer so they stayed.

Next, I had the difficulty of finding a rug. I went to Target and brought home multiple choices to contend with:

After looking at them all I figured I could return what didn't work. Oh, and if you'll notice- the door is still smoker's yellow (or cream if you're nice). I plan to change that but I'm trying to decide if I want white, black, or maybe again- a pop of color. IDK. Still deciding.

Anyhow, on to the rugs.

I kept this small rug for the walk way between the entry and the living room (to hide a cord and the scuffed up tread):

I really wish they would've had a larger version of this rug (it was a small mat if you can't tell). It was exactly what I was looking for in an entry rug. Neutral but still some color and pattern. It was gray, cream, and mustard yellow (if you can't see from the pic). But alas, they didn't have a larger size or my search would've been over.

So, I tried out the variety of other options.

1) I picked out this mustard yellow because I thought it was beautiful and different. Giving some color. But when I got it in the entry it clashed with the curtains too much. So, nope.

 2) Then I went with this gray greek key pattern (I don't know exactly what this pattern is called). I liked it but it seems too light to hold down the floor, if that makes sense.

3) Next was this floral number. It had color, but still seemed neutral. But idk, it was still too busy looking for the curtains and entry in general.

4) Then, I tried this green striped number. Which I really liked. It had color and yet was subtle enough not to clash too much with the floral curtains. But still, though you can't tell in this pic, the green was too vivid. Not as muted as I'd prefer. Plus, it screamed SPRING! which was great for the upcoming months but then I'd have to buy another rug for fall/winter. Most people might just buy an additional rug. But if you know me, I'm el-cheapo. So, I needed my rug to do double duty. All year round, baby.

5) Finally, I tried this trellis patterned gray rug. Ahhhhh....Goldilocks. I liked how this was a darker gray so it felt more weighted. It had a tinge of blue in the gray (whereas the other gray rug was a full gray-gray). So, this one looked like it fit better and didn't clash with my curtains.  Yet it certainly stood out more on the floor. This was it. The One

And it looked very good with the other (my favorite) rug:

Here's the inside corner of the entry too:
That lil statue guy there is an ashtray. It was my grandmother's so it has sentimental value. He's been around for as long as I can remember at my grandma's and we named him Jeeves when we were younger cuz he looked like a fancy butler. Luhvah thinks he's hideous but I love him so he stays.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't show the leash hanger for the dog leash-
I made this awhile back. 3.00 Ikea dog butt hook and 2.00 wood plaque from Hobby Lobby. Plus scrapbook materials. It was an easy make and looks so adorable hanging in the entry. 

Besides the entry rug (30.00 for the gray and 20.00 for the small yellow) I shopped entirely from the guest bedroom for any décor items. So, other than paint- which was overall for the house, the total renovation for this entry was 50.00.

Oh, and the cat was free too. :)

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