Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Seester!!!!

Well, well, well, the first year I finally get to spend a birthday with my sister (since we've moved within driving distance!) and what happens? This:

Snow Showers? In MARCH?!!!


So, this is no time to go out and paint the town red. Streets are crazy icy and therefore we were not inclined to be out in that.

Still, I wanted to wish her a Snowy  - I mean Happy- Birthday!

Maybe we can celebrate in like, June, or something when it's more likely to be nice weather...then we can paint the town red? (and be back home by 930pm cuz that's how I roll)

Well, that's how you roll too-considering you're what, 85 now?

Anyhow. Happy Birthday You! So, glad I am near you now!

(Oh, and, despite the fact that I'm closer, it in no way makes me more responsible -aka no present or card. So...yeah, sorry 'bout that, sis.)

The lil sis (see what I did thur?)

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