Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Finished product...and a living room tour

Well, I'm back to show you the finished product on the fireplace wall. I finally primed and painted as well as decorated it. And I love it! It makes the room feel lighter without that big ol' hole there.

Here's a before pic:

And now here's the after:

I kept everything as easy as possible and even if it's imperfect I think it looks great. I finally feel like my living room is coming together. I even busted out all the d√©cor items from the middle bedroom:

Slowly as I decorate my house that pile and disorganized mess looks cleaner.

Anyhow, back to the living room. It's come a long way from here, approx. 6 months ago:

I'm so glad the walls are painted, as well as the ceiling. The ceiling is a flat white Behr paint and primer. The walls are Revere Pewter by Ben Moore but color matched in Behr paint and primer eggshell.
I like how the white of the panels plays off the white of the curtains on either side. I still need to paint the backdoor if you can see. Haven't decided if I'm doing white or a color to give it a nice pop.
Here's a closer look of the actual mantle:
The lanterns used to look like this:

You can see I started to paint them a metallic gold. It was Rustoleum I believe and I think they turned out awesome. I draped a magnolia leaf swag across the mantle and added a couple of white candles in jars and it's done. Simple and elegant.
Sorry about the weird coloring on the pictures. It was late in the day and the lighting is bad. Plus, I'm no camera expert.
Anyhow. Here's the other side of the room:

 I went for simple on this side. I got new pillow cases from Hobby Lobby (love HL!!!)
The butterfly one was 3.00 and the yellow chevron was 4.00. (half off when I got them!) the turquoise one I already had.
I painted these lanterns gold as well (I think I'm just on this gold kick for some reason). They used to look like this:
I've had these since forever and I almost got rid of them. But then I decided to try and make them over. I took out the paper part of the lantern which, as you can see, is broken and bent. I spray painted them gold and I feel like they turned out pretty well.

The candelabra was also this heinous gold color (why did I take things that were gold and paint them other colors and take things that were other colors and paint them gold? IDK)

So I painted it a basic white:
So, that's it. I'm so happy with how my living room turned out. And that the stupid hole is gone:

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