Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Teen Girl's Bedroom Makeover

I finally (finally!) put the finishing touches on Monkey's teen room. I am pleased to announce it's pretty much done! And I'm happy to say she loves it (as do I!).

Remember when I posted the hideousness of before:

Run-down, tired, and pathetic (and that's just ME---take a look at how bad that room is too!).

So, it was time to paint, paint, and paint some more. Everything got stripped down and moved out to start over. Anyhow, enough talk. Let's look at pictures!

Like I said, we really love the way it turned out. Aside from the fact that her dresser is on it's last leg. My mother is giving me an old dresser that I will probably use for her room eventually and get rid of this one. You can see in the pic it's peeling. But I used what I had. No big upgrades for this makeover.

On to the breakdown:

-Paint on walls (Valspar paint and primer in one -a paint brand I wouldn't recommend- it was very thin and coverage wasn't great IMO- color was: Silver Birch)- $30.00
-Paint for bed (SW color matched in Behr-Sea Salt)- $3.00
- Paint for dresser (SW color matched in Behr-All ablaze)- $12.00
-Turquoise Quilt (Home Goods)- $40.00
-White blanket (Ralph Lauren-Goodwill thrift find)- $4.00
-Coral blanket (Old Time Pottery)- $12.00
- Coral pillow (Ralph Lauren-Marshalls)-$16.00
-Turquoise Chevron (cover-Hobby Lobby)-$3.50
-Curtains (Ikea AS-IS section-1 panel made into 2)-$4.00
-Dragonfly art (Xmas gift from family-dipped in coral paint to pop on wall)-$0.00
-Dressing room sign (old from when I worked at Ross in college!!! Blast from my past and love that I can use in my teens room!)-$0.00

Total spent: $124.50!!


  1. DO NOT GET RID OF THAT DRESSER!! I'll switch out dressers with you. That one has potential even if it is peeling on the drawer!

  2. oh, and I love Abby's new room. The colors are great!