Friday, November 9, 2012

Before-The Teen Tornado

We have gotten to the point in my thirteen year old's life that she needs a change. I don't mean plastic surgery change, I mean room re-do change. Much less invasive.

Now, I'm putting it out there and showing you the before pictures as-is. My daughter is a typical 13 year old and her room is awful! So, try not to judge too much.

She hasn't had a room re-vamp since she was a young kid-probably 4-5 years ago. At that time, she wanted a jungle theme so we went all crazy with jungle. Doesn't look too great now but it was sooo cool in the eyes of an 8 year old.

Her room is really rather difficult to take pictures of. The bedrooms are small in our house and hers is a weird shape. It's not a typical square. Her bedroom door is on an angle and it makes it difficult to get a full pic with my crappy camera phone. Here's a basic mock-up of her room.

And her jungle theme is looking a little worse for wear. Plus, she added in all the One Direction posters (she's obsessed with that band) and it's official-she's outgrown her "kids" room.

So, we started hunting for a new look. Her favorite color is turquoise blue and it seemed a logical place to start. And since she only halfway cares about decorating I figured I could pretty much have free reign over it as long as I didn't make it too girly=aka PINK (Monkey's a bit of a tomboy).

Since summer I have been obsessed with turquoise and coral so that's what I decided to go with (not too pink!!!). And she okayed the color pallet. I started pulling pics for inspiration.

Here are the pinterest pics I found. Some have pink but can easily be adjusted:
via etsy

via simply-designgirl (for bedding)

via migonishome
VIA houseofturquoise
As you can see I started veering toward that light blue/green seafoam-y color. But my bedding choice brings back the true turquoise for her (which I've failed to take a pic of).

My plans are to paint her twin bed a color similar to the twin beds above and her dresser that awesome pop of coral. I hope to start her room re-do this weekend (but it won't be done for several weeks). I wanted to show you before pics and inspiration pics. Hopefully the final result will be awesome!

Cross your fingers for me! :)

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