Thursday, November 1, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness-Winner!!!!

We won! If ya don't know, we had a contest at work for decorating a pumpkin for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Our lovely lady won the contest! What did we win? A pizza party for the whole dept. Which, of course, all the guys will love up here.

Now, time for my acceptance speech. ::::clearing throat:::: Ahem,

              "Thank you, Thank you. I would first like to say that this is not something that I could do on my own (oh yes I could). Many, many people contributed to the success of our hooker cop. I'd like to thank my wonderful friend Rachael, without which I could not have come up with such a great idea (heck, half the idea was hers peeps!). And my husband, who mostly always supports my cocamamie decisions even when they are insane a little out there. My boss, who did not dissuade us when we set her up at the front desk for all to see as they came into the station. And last, but certainly not least, our Chief of Police for not having a heart attack when he laid eyes on his "new employee" (Chief can be quite, ahem, conservative and a bit taciturn so the number one question each and every officer asked when they saw the pumpkin cop was, "Has Chief seen it yet?!!!"). But really, little people my lovelies, it was a pleasure just being nominated (no it wasn't, I was in it to win it!). I mean, you like me, you really like me!"

I promise this win will not go to my head. I am still the down-to-earth loveable (sorta) person I was yesterday. Now, excuse me while I go call my entourage. I need someone to pour me another drink.

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