Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween...scare tactics 2012

This year for Halloween Luhvah decided to go scary. Our neighborhood kids are getting to the age where little scares them so he decided a creepy clown would be the ticket. We love making homemade costumes. Of course, for me, it's to see how cheap I can possibly make something. For Luhvah's costume we gathered everything from the dollar store and thrift stores. The most expensive thing we got was the bald cap at a Halloween store for 10.00 (ouch!). We made the hair with spider webbing and red spraypaint. His costume came in total to about 20.00. And most of that was the cap. Anyhow. After the whole night was over Luhvah realized he forgot his red nose! Oh NOES! It would have been so much better with it (we bought it but he forgot to put it on in the chaos of the night). Here are the results:

 I edited to show a red nose. Look how much better it woulda been!

I decided to scare it up a bit myself by painting my face. Also, I made a skeleton shirt copying one I found on Pinterest (what the heck did I ever do before pinterest?). Total was only 1.50 for the shirt to rip up (bought at thrift store).

What does it say that I no longer take pictures of my daughter in her costume for Halloween? That she's a teenager, that's what it says. She's too busy running out the door with her friends for me to grab a pic and by the time I remember she's long gone!
This year she was Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games). Easy and cheap. I only had to buy her a jacket (thrift store-7.00). She had everything else (including bow/arrow).

Oh, and on a side note...Pinterest fail=

Water balloons with glow stick inside hanging in a stocking. I only spent 4.50 on this project so luckily it wasn't a lot out of pocket. But the glow sticks weren't bright enough to see through the balloon (which were white). Maybe I need clear balloons-and more glow sticks in 'em. I still like the idea. Maybe I'll play with it next year.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween- I'm off to eat some candy!

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  1. OMG!! That has to be what Norman looks like?!! Scary!