Monday, October 11, 2010

Chihuly Exhibit

I don't remember how or when I was first introduced to Dale Chihuly's work but I have to say I love it. And not just him specifically but the whole blown glass art thing all together. Of course, he's branded well so everyone who thinks blown glass thinks =Chihuly. Frankly, blown glass is blown glass is blown glass to me. You could show me a piece of glass washed up from the sea, say its a Chihuly and I'd be like, "Wow, it's gorgeous!". I always marvel at why this guy specifically is famous, and his work can sell for thousands, but some nobody's blown glass is like, a cereal bowl at Ross for $4.00 (and I'm sure a million and one art conoisseurs could tell me the reason is because he does, blah,blah,blah and those others don't do yada,yada,yada but for us simple folk let's just ignore the whole art class 101 breakdown and just say he's got stellar name branding mmmmkay?).

Personally, I say it's cuz he looks like a crazy pirate who dresses like a clown but I'm just hypothesizing here.

Whatever the reason, his work is famous and I got to go to the recent exhibit that opened in St. Pete, FL. It was awesome. His work really is beautiful (even without all the art 101 lessons) and I just couldn't resist reaching out and touching almost all of the pieces in awe. This pretty much gave my husband a heart attack each time I did it because he was like, "Please don't touch that-we can't afford any of the stuff in here if you break it!" Luckily, I broke nothing and his wallet sanity heart was in tact at the end of the exhibit.

I couldn't take pictures but just let me say it was phenomenal. If you're ever in the St. Pete area I highly recommend stopping in. You can get info and tickets here.

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  1. My husband's uncle LOVES Chihuly and has several (that's right several) pieces of his art glass (and not tiny ones either)...It's nice stuff, but I wouldn't spend the money on it.

    If you're ever in New England the Corning Museum of Glass is great, there's also another similar thing in Philadelphia, PA.