Wednesday, October 6, 2010

DIY Book Wreath:

Okay, I'm gonna show you a quick idea of how I made my book wreath but if you want more directions (and to give props) I actually got this idea from Living with Lindsay. Feel free to click the link for info.

First, I bought a cheap-o book from the thrift store.(1.50):
What I liked about this book was the texture of the pages:
 I started by painting the outter pages a nice metallic gold:
Which turned out very pretty but probably not really noticeable in the end (you could probably skip this step and it wouldn't look any different):
Then I went crazy and tore those pages out. I used a styrofoam wreath from the dollar store (1.00 obviously):

 I made my book pages into an S shape and then stapled the bottom to secure:

 At first I started by stapling them around the wreath but that wasn't working so well so I did eventually hot glue everything.
I kept going until the wreath was full and then I assessed and filled in bare spots.

In the end, I did end up rolling some pages instead of S-shaping them (make sense?) to give more texture/variety. The rolled pages were to fill in the bare areas:
This was a very easy (and inexpensive! Only $2.50) project that only took me about 45min-1hour to make. I did it while watching a movie so it went fairly quickly.

 I secured a ribbon that I had laying around to the back to hang it on my mirror. And since this wreath is basically weightless (pages and styrofoam=not much) I didn't even secure it to the wall. I just hung the ribbon over my mirror (which is leaning against the wall) and let the weight of the mirror hold it up.

 And it was as easy as that! Pretty, huh?

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