Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Copy Cat fashion

I know, I know, I said I'd give a quick tutorial on my book wreath but...well, have I mentioned before that I'm lazy? And stubborn? And basically, I only do things when I feel like it. So, since I'm in the mood for fashion rather than decor, I decided to show my copy cat replication of a look I saw on Weeds.

I don't watch Weeds any longer (got too annoyed with the direction the show was moving) but as I was browsing Showtime I stopped on it.
 And thank goodness I did because one of the things I loved the most about the show was Mary-Louise Parker's character's style (is this statement even grammatically correct?!). She always looked cool but not like she was trying to look too young (aka-like a hoor). She plays a mom with 2 kids...yet she always dressed  fashionably (as only Hollywood can)-no mom jeans and sneakers for her!
(and yes, I know I spelled whore wrong. It's what I call a whore who is so whore-ish that she is a Hoor [with a capital H]. And now I fear that I should say a prayer or something because I just said the word whore in 1 sentence, like, 50 times.)


I saw this outfit and fell in love with the casual coolness of it:
Forgive the crappy quality--I just clicked a pic fast from the tv screen.

I call this look hippy cowboy.

And so I set off trying to replicate it.
I wanted to spend little to nothing on this "outfit" so I started by shopping at home.
If you notice those boots only go shin high and then she's wearing burgundy knee highs (LOVE!).

So, some thrifting later (and a stop at Walmart for knee highs) and here's my replication:

Sure, the shirts white and not exactly like hers but, for the most part, I think I've got the look down.
Boots? Check.
Knee highs? Check.
Belt? Check.
Jean shorts? Check.
Jacket? Check.

Total to replicate this look? 12.00 (knee highs and jean shorts).

What do you think? Did I get close enough to call it a copy cat?


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