Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thuh The-uh-tuh...

Do you even understand the title of this post? No? Okay, well, I guess it doesn't translate well in writing but that was my best impression of a snooty person saying, "The theatre". And when we're talking this snooty I've gotta write it up as theatre, not theater.

I luuuv the the-uh-tuh dahhhling (can you hear the snooty now?). Musicals are such a decadent pleasure to me (breaking into song and dance to express yourself? Yes please.) So, for a Christmas present, the in-laws were totally awesome and gave my husband and I tickets to see Billy Elliot. SQUEEEALLL! I was so excited. I'm a music nerd, I love musicals, and I love dressing up- nothing is better than this idea. It's like a forced dressy date with the hubs. Have I mentioned I :::heart::: dressing up (especially since, as you've just recently learned, my clothing on a daily basis hardly varies)?

Of course, my daaahhhling husband is nice enough to play along with my special dressy date night. This ain't your standard dinner and a movie night, no siree (is that how it's spelled?Sir-ree?Sirree?Surrey? ::Cue the music:::"...When I take you out in the Surrey with the Friiiiiiinge-On Top!" This is how much of a music geek I am... and an Oklahoma geek...okay, I'm just a geek all around. confession: I was in the musical Oklahoma.)  But I digress. 

Back to the special dressy date night. When I was talking to some women at work about what I was gonna wear (you know, girl stuff) I was asked by some officers (working in a predominantly male environment) what are you doing? And when I responded, "I'm going to the theatre". Their response was, "Huh? The theater? Like, the movies?" This made me giggle. 

I wanted to dress up but I most certainly did not want to spend any money. I decided to plan a look around my favorite heels:
Unfortunately, due to how painful they are to wear the very intricate and glam bead/sequins detailing on them I hardly ever wear them anywhere. 

I paired them with a little black dress (LBD) so nothing would compete with their awesomeness and steal the show (besides the actual show-Billy Elliot). Add in some gold glam earrings that a co-worker was nice enough to loan me and bam! I was ready for the red carpet without spending any money:

I even did smoky sultry eye makeup with nude lips which turned out exactly how I wanted.

and the pretty earrings:

It was a fun night. I wasn't overly impressed with Billy Elliot but that didn't deter my ability to love every minute of the night just for the fact that we were out at the theatre and all dressed to the nines. 

Afterwards, DH and I were feeling snacky so we stopped into Walgreens about midnight. I snapped a shot in the candy aisle for posterity's sake (though we ate dinner at fancy shmancy restaurant we're not too proud to get dessert at Walgreens):

It was a wonderful night out on the town!

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  1. Glad you and hubs had an awesome time. The last time I was at the theater was in Houston.We went to hear the Houston orchestra. It was awesome except for the lousy company.