Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines it or hate it?

I've never been huge with Valentine's Day. I neither love it nor hate it. I understand the draw for either side; however, I don't get the overly crazy V-day people. You know, the girls who get soooo into it that they expect major romance on that day (and are disappointed and angry when they don't get it). I'm good with a basic acknowledgement-a "hey, I love you on this most puketrid of love days" kinda card. And a lil gift (under 5.00 is good, thank you).

I celebrate and embrace V-day just as much as I hate V-day I suppose. Why all the commercialism? Why the need to overprice flowers? Why so much candy that makes my ass fatter? UGH.

In honor of V-day I made cupcakes for work (hello fat ass, yes, I'm comfortable with you, yes, you will always be in my life). I also made anti-V-day cupcakes for those who don't like to participate in V-Day (but still want a fat ass). And I saw a tutorial for a cute heart headband so I had to make that too. Basically, I went all out for Valentines day (weird).

First, the headband. I found this on the DIYshow-off but it actually came from this blog, Rae Gun Ramblings.
This was an easy and inexpensive craft. I paid about 3.00 for everything. I would have paid less if I'd used a coupon at Michaels. :(

Assemble together:
-headband (already had it)
-felt fabric piece in your color choice (.30 from Michaels)
-sequins of your choice (2.99 for package)
-glue gun (not shown)
-needle/thread (not shown)
-chocolate cupcake should you need a snack in the middle of crafting as I did.

Start by making a heart cut out of the fabric. I tried different sizes to see what worked best on my noggin.
Then, after finding the best choice, I haphazardly sewed the heart to my headband. The worse you do the better you'll make me feel about getting a C in Home Ec in school *sob*.
Then I carefully hot glued on a bajillion tiny sequins till my hands hurt and I got carpel tunnel (just kidding). It wasn't difficult just time consuming. I did it while watching tv (and eating chocolate hostess cakes) so it wasn't bad.Using tweezers helped.
 And here it is all finished:

 Perfect for V-day.

Next I started on the cupcakes. I just used boxed cake mix and frosting (uhhhh....C in Home Ec, remember?)
Since these were for Valentines I made them chocolate, but since they were also for Anti-Valentines I made the chocolate Devil's Food. :D

After letting them cool I frosted and decorated.
Some had pink sprinkles with a purple gummy heart:

And the other's had black sprinkles with pierced hearts by swords:

Perfect for those who don't celebrate V-day.

Hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day whether you celebrate or not!

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  1. like your headband. Too cute. Cupcakes look delicious. Wish I were there to share!!!