Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Gift

I figured I'd share a quick post about my daughter's V-day gift. As you already know I'm never one to come up with a creative idea on my own (I steal all my ideas) and this is no different. I got this idea from a post on theletteredcottage blog about kind words (one of the pics she had shows stickers with fruit puns) and thought it was so cute that figured I could easily replicate it for my daughter's V-day gift.

I gathered together a bunch of items to make a  Punny Valentine's gift:
I cut out plain scrapbook paper and put the puns on it using colored markers. This could have been a much cuter/prettier gift had I taken the time to make layers of scrapbook paper tags like below:

But since she only cares about what's in the package-not the presentation of it-I figured simple, simple, simple.The extra effort would be lost on my 11 year old daughter. ;D
In her gift box I put:

1)An orange-"Orange you glad you're my Valentine?"
2)A banana-"I go bananas for you"
3)An apple- "you're the apple of my eye"
4)A pear-"We make a great pear"
5)Strawberries-"You are berry sweet"
6)Package of cashews-"I'm nuts about you"
7)Chocolate marshmallow heart-"You melt my heart"
8)Individual cherry pie-"You're a cutie pie"
9)candy hearts-"You're such a sweetheart"

It was quick, cheap and easy. Plus, most of it was fruit so she didn't get piles and piles of candy that I don't want her eating.


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