Saturday, February 19, 2011

Copy Cat Weekendi

Did you see that? I  just stole  the word Weekendi (like everything else) to put into my title. That's because I'm copying the look (not as successfully I might add) from Kendi Everyday and she likes to infuse her name into regular words. Since I attempted my very first copy this weekend(i) I figured that was an appropriate title.

On to the look. I was trying to replicate this:

And, okay, go easy on me. Cuz:
1) She's, like, adorable - I'm not so much
2) She looks casually flawless - I look like I'm trying too hard
3) She's tall and thin (better for maxi dresses)- I'm short and slightly chunky.
4) She has an awesome husband who does photography with a stellar camera- I have a fence post in my back yard sturdy enough to hold my crappy camera on a timer (or a shaky hand with no flash in a dirty bathroom mirror)


I have to admit it's fun trying to recreate her look with only the clothes in my closet. It really makes me assess what I own and look at everything in a new way.
For example, I never would've thought to pair this cardigan with this dress-but it didn't look so bad. (I like her mustard colored one better).Plus, I couldn't wear a scarf (it was 80 degrees in Florida yesterday).Yes Kendi, if you happen to read this, rest assured, I am at least 1100 miles away from Texas- safe from stalking distance. It was enough that I was wearing boots (not that  you can see them) so I added a necklace the same color as the cardi.

Okay, on to the pics:

Okay, for my first attempt -not so bad. I think as I go along I'll do better. And eventually, one day- after many many baby steps, copy catting, and obsessive Kendi stalking- I'll branch out on my own and I'll be able to dress myself (stylishly so).
 *crossing my fingers and waiting impatiently for that day*

Here's the comparison again: WDYT?

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