Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday! and other sarcastic things to say to my sister...

Just a quick shout out to my big seester since it's her birthday. She's ancient...uh....1 year older today and I figured this summed up how I feel about that:

So, I suppose I should just be gracious and say, "Happy Birthday!" But do I really mean it? Sure, I want her to have a happy day but how happy can it be when she doesn't have her lil' sis there to bug her? And by lil' sis I don't mean this kind:
I mean the kind who will eternally bug her and love her even when she's old and decrepit (so, like, in another year).
Just kidding sister.

It kinda sucks that I can't be there on her birthday to cry into drinks together celebrate because she's old(er). I guess I'll have to resort to crying into drinks by myself. Which either makes me A) a truly dedicated alcoholic B) a truly dedicated sister or C) a dedicated alcoholic sister. You pick. No, on second thought, don't pick. I'll pick for you. I'm an awesome sister and just want to have a drink in honor of my awesome sister. There.

So, here's a shout out to the blonde bombshell that is my sis-Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

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